THE BALL – «It is a new era here at Benfica» (Benfica)

After completing his second season with an eagle on his chest, appearing in 35 games in total competitions (4 goals and 3 assists), Gilberto was the first spokesperson for the squad at the start of work for the 2022/2023 season.

«It’s a new era here at Benfica. We expect to always enter the field ‘fighting’ for everything we dispute, always respecting the opponent, but we will be prepared, mainly, for the first fight that we have there in the Champions”, anticipated the Brazilian side, in statements to the media. club communication.

On his return from the holidays, Gilberto says he returned «with everything to this new era at Benfica», showing himself committed to making himself available to the new coach, the German Roger Schmidt. «I’m sure it will be very hard work, hard work, that’s why we always have to worry about working a little on the holidays because the pre-season definitely comes very strong for everything that awaits us up front. », he explains.

Admitting that he «I already missed you», the 29-year-old side also revealed how the reunion with his teammates was: «On vacation we always end up thinking here, a little, so it was good to meet them again and I hope to be together now to be able to work strong and we can fight for everything we fight for.”

And he left a curious answer when asked if he feels he has won the affection of the red fans: «I’m the one who gets won over with them every time I enter the field! They are different fans, who support us regardless of the opponent, regardless of who we play against, they are always on our side, always believing in us and we have to do everything to repay the affection they have for us.”