THE BALL – «It is usually in these moments that teams get distracted…» (FC Porto)

Sérgio Conceição rejoiced with the difficult victory of FC Porto in Guimarães, by 1-0, but once again asked the blue and white nation to calm down when it comes to winning the title.

«I’m always alert and very suspicious, it’s usually in these moments close to the titles that the teams get distracted and can mortgage them. We have to be suspicious and we are going to prepare very well for the next game (Portimonense), we are focused on doing the best”, he told Sport TV.

Regarding the game itself, Sérgio Conceição highlighted the superiority of the dragons.

«We played a very competent game, it is always difficult to play here, in Guimarães, it is always a complicated environment. Even so, we created three or four chances in the first half and in the second the same thing, in addition to the missed penalty. Vitória didn’t have great chances but, in this final half, we retreated and could have kept the ball more. We had players on the pitch for that, my message was to keep the ball and try for the second goal to reassure the team. But it’s understandable, with the end of the championship approaching, the players want the game to end quickly but normally that doesn’t go well.”