THE BALL – «It was not Benfica’s demerit, but Inter’s great merit» (Champions League)

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Antonio Cassano, former Italian international striker, attributed favoritism right after the draw, praising the «wonderful football» of the reds. Now, he gives his arm to twist: ′′ Great Inter game, I never imagined. It was not Benfica’s demerit but Inter’s great merit. Ramos was missing and Rafa was well marked: I didn’t imagine, I’m very happy.»

Coach Fabio Capello, commentator for the Champions League on ‘Sky Sport Italia’, surrendered to Inter. «It was a perfect team, they played well, in an organized way. I would go to the changing rooms to congratulate everyone. But then it would piss me off too. Why don’t they always play like this? Brozovic, Lukaku, Gosens… They offered points and more points», said the coach.