THE BALL – Poland holds back Mexico’s momentum in yet another draw (World Cup 2022)

Mexico and Poland were unable to break the deadlock (the second in the competition and on the same day) in a match for the 1st round of Group C, a series that had witnessed the first surprise of the event, with the triumph of Saudi Arabia against Argentina, by 2-1.

The outcome of the other match motivated the Poles to set up a merciless curtain in front of the Szczesny goal – a 5x4x1 scheme with no pressure on the ball exit –, granting the minimum of opportunities to the opponent. There were no shots on target in the first half…

The second half was lively, with the white eagles slightly bolder and opening up more spaces.

In one of these attacks, Lewandowski won a penalty and the best scorer of that selection (with 76 goals)… failed! It was the ninth missed penalty in his career, second by the national team, continuing without scoring any goal in the final stages.

Goalkeeper Ochoa was on a high level, guessing which way the Barcelona striker had kicked the ball, a feat that underlines his 37-year experience and appearances in five World Cups.

The Aztecs had a single dangerous shot, with the deflection of Henry Martín counting on an attentive defense by Szczesny.

Saudi Arabia takes the lead in Group C, with Poland and Mexico in second place. Argentina closes the group in fourth place.