THE BALL – Reactions to Sporting’s victory in the Supercup (Basketball)

The reactions of the coaches of Sporting and Benfica after the victory of the lions in the game of the Supercup of basketball (84-89):

Norberto Alves (Benfica Coach): «The team only met offensively and defensively in the final part. We have to learn from this. From the first second, in these types of games, we have to have maximum intensity. He wants to attack, wants to defend. And in these games, when you are one point apart, there are critical moments, as happened today.”

Pedro Nuno (Sporting Coach): «We had a good reaction after a very bad period. We then managed to gain distance and at the end, physically, it was taking a toll on us, but we had an excellent attitude. Money is not a problem, we have to work with what we have and the group is very good. It could be wider, but that’s what we have and they work well.”