THE BALL – Ricardo Sousa does not leave Conceição unanswered: «Don’t do to others…» (Mafra)

Following the comments by Sérgio Conceição, who accused Ricardo Sousa of not honoring the name of his family, the Mafra coach, who on Friday left Estádio do Dragão with a draw (2-2), for the League Cup , answered the FC Porto counterpart.

«I could talk about a lot of things, the only thing my values ​​allow me to say is about coherence. Not long ago I heard someone legitimately ask for respect for the family, not to mix family and work. And as my parents always told me: don’t do to others what you don’t want them to do to you, I’ll stop here. Father, son, I am very PROUD of you and I am very PROUD of the SOUSA name, which I will always honor. I love you.”

It is this message that Ricardo Sousa leaves on social networks, to which he added a photo with his father, António Sousa, a former Portuguese international and FC Porto player, and his son, Afonso Sousa, trained at dragons.