THE BALL – Sá Pinto’s justification for the controversial reaction (Moreirense)

Tension at maximum levels in Moreira de Cónegos, this Saturday, because the rivalry with Vizela, with whom he shares a geographical border, is huge and this was noticeable throughout the game. In the end, Sá Pinto, the canons’ coach, went to the bench where the opposing team’s supporters were to provoke and insult them. “We can be rivals, but celebrating each other’s goals when we could go down, I didn’t like that”, explained the coach later.

After the game, it was necessary to wait a few minutes for the match to be concluded in Tondela and when the guarantee that Moreirense would go to the play-off arrived, the party broke out in the stadium. At that moment Sá Pinto went to the stands to thank the canons for their support, but he also went to the top where Vizela supporters were already coming out. At that moment, he gestured vehemently and in a provocative manner, which aroused a huge wave of contestation, fought by the GNR.

«I’m emotional and I like the people of Vizela, I really like having lunch and dinner there, but it made me sad to see this among neighbors. I don’t want any help, because I don’t like it either, but I’d rather save my neighbor than a foreigner or another farther away. I am like that, regionalist and nationalist. I couldn’t resist and I confess that it hurt me and I didn’t like it either when our fans started saying ‘olés, olés'”, he explained in this way his behavior, which was to the liking of his fans, who chanted Sá Pinto’s name.

Who did not appreciate what happened was Diogo Godinho, president of SAD do Vizela, who left the presidential box visibly angry. And also coach Álvaro Pacheco: «It was unfortunate and we coaches have to know how to be and control our emotions. It was an act out of context and I believe that Sá Pinto, a good person, must be sorry.”