THE BALL – Serious situation in the USA: 355 dead and 42,426 new cases in one day (COVID-19)

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Taking into account the most recent data released by Johns Hopkins University, the situation in the United States is serious: in just 24 hours, 355 more deaths and 42,426 new cases of infected people were recorded.

The country accounts for a total of 126,123 deaths and 2,586,844 cases since the beginning of the pandemic.

New York remains the most affected state, with 393,069 confirmed cases and 31,403 deaths, in New York City alone, 22,470 people died. It follows the state of New Jersey, with 14,992 deaths, Massachusetts, with 8,094, Illinois, with 6,902, Pennsylvania (6,614), Michigan (6,161), California (5,976), Connecticut (4,320) and Florida (3,419).



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