THE BALL – Siqueira endorses Neres and Reinier and praises Grimaldo (Benfica)

In an interview with Antena 1, Guilherme Siqueira, a former Brazilian left-back for Benfica, who played for the Eagles in the 2013/14 season, then loaned out by the Spaniards from Granada, addressed some of the most interesting topics currently being played by the Reds and left his point of view. view and evaluation in relation to some players.

About the right winger David Neres, already official, Siqueira said: «David Neres does not need to comment. The Brazilian player, in general, is very sharp, has great creativity and I think Neres fits this Brazilian profile of attacking, but European football doesn’t live just by attacking and that’s why you have to learn, even when playing in attack, to learn other components and by improving these aspects, you will be at a club that will give you all the support to be able to continue to grow as an athlete. He is a very interesting player, he has attracted a lot of attention in Brazil and has everything to have a successful spell at Benfica. »

As for the attacking midfielder Reinier, from Real Madrid, who was on loan for two consecutive seasons to the Germans from Borussia Dortmund (one goal in 39 games spread over 745 minutes), recently associated with a potential interest from Benfica, the former eagles player declared: “If it is really true, [Reinier] he is a player who attracted a lot of attention early in Brazil, he has a lot of quality, but he is very young and is still in a period of adaptation to the Brazil/Europe contrast. In the hands of Jorge Jesus he attracted attention, played well for Flamengo and was bought by Real Madrid. He is an interesting athlete, with projection that, if he is signed, will be great news for Benfica. »

With regard to the Spaniard Álex Grimaldo, whose departure from the eagles has been persistently pointed out, Siqueira praised the Spanish left-back: «He is a player who has been at Benfica for many years, knows the house, knows what it is like to be Benfica and has already been decisive for the team in many moments. He is undoubtedly an interesting player who will play a good role. Players like that, and who want to be at Benfica, have to be valued because Grimaldo has already proved to be important and can continue to be.”