THE BALL – Sporting and FC Porto draw (Handball)

The derby between Sporting and FC Porto, referring to the 10th round of the Placard Handball Championship, ended in a tie at 29 goals, meaning that the national champions FC Porto maintained the leadership of Nacional with 30 points.

As is expected in matches between candidates for the title, this was no exception to the rule regarding the high tension experienced during the 60 minutes at the João Rocha Pavilion, in which Victor Iturriza opened the scoring in favor of the national champions with the first of two goals that the Portuguese international signed before seeing a straight red card five minutes from half-time.

Even, however, the dragons went from hell to heaven, much thanks to the Francisco Costa brothers, whose legs seemed to shorten the size of the field on the counterattacks, and Martim Costa, the top scorer in the opening 30 minutes with four goals scored. Patryk Walczak left the lions ahead with two points for the first time, an advantage that, through Mamadou Gassama, Natán Suarez and Salvador Salvador reached five goals (10-5), also due to wasted opportunities by the blue and white players, namely in the conversion of two free kicks of seven meters.

In that chapter, Pedro Cruz redeemed himself from other people’s mistakes, making his contribution with two converted penalties that brought the blue and whites closer on the scoreboard until the tie (10-10) signed first by captain Daymaro Salina and, at the sound of the break, Leonel Fernandes restores the equality (11-11) that Kiko Costa had ‘stolen’ in the previous minute.

Emotions were not dampened on the return to the locker room, this time with the same 7×6 system that had resulted in some leonine advantage in the first half bearing fruit for the blue and white players who, despite a mischievous Martim Costa on the way to 11 goals, took the lead with goals from Leonel Fernandes 21-22, starting a period of goals now from one team, now from the other, several Porto superiorities by two goals, new draws and exchanges in command of the game that, in the last seconds, with Thurin converting free kick of 7 meters, after a red to Salvador Salvador, who fixed the result in the final 29-29.