THE BALL – «We were insulted by the referee in Braga, who defends the players?» (FC Porto)

Sérgio Conceição returned to defeat in Braga, criticizing the referee Hugo Miguel, and who he ‘protects’.

As he said at the end of the match, he stressed again that his players were insulted by the referee, and even recalled Pepe’s recent case concerning the game with Sporting.

«I’ve seen referees answering players, but insulting them as happened in Braga, calling Taremi a cheat, saying to Francisco ‘so you didn’t fall today’; when the engineer got a red card he said ‘now put in a precautionary measure’… », he recalled.

«It has nothing to do with the referee’s honesty, but in the 5 years here with this referee, he was always unlucky against FC Porto. I wasn’t expelled, I wasn’t yellow, I don’t know why people talk about me. If he had said something, he was immediately expelled. But I look at this and there is no way to counter it. [Os árbitros] They are in a dome, on a pedestal, and it is very difficult to counteract. He saw himself with Pepe – what they write in the report is accepted and prevails. Who defends the players? They were insulted in Braga. They only talk about the engineer and Conceição. We also sometimes exaggerate, it’s true, but the players were insulted. But against all this we will do everything to win. I will repeat, to win », he closed, and left the room.