The Baltic Amadeus competes with the Microsoft Gold Cloud Platform

Ad published: 2022-06-21

Cloud Services Development Manager Robertas Skardius.

Statista, a German market and consumer research firm, says the value of the European cloud computing market in 2021 to 63 billion and predicts that by 2023 it will reach 560 billion. eur. Robertas Skardius, Head of Cloud Services Development at Baltic Amadeus, states that the need for public cloud solutions in Lithuania is also growing rapidly.

In order to reap the full benefits of a public cloud for business, it is important to choose a reliable partner for cloud services with qualified competencies in cloud solutions. The only such competency (Gold Cloud Platform) is provided by the US software and hardware manufacturer Microsoft, which provides public cloud services on the Azure platform. Currently, there are only 1% of Microsoft Competencies in the world with these competencies. The competencies of the Gold Cloud Platform demonstrate that the partner is able to provide qualified services to customers in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommended practices.

Learn more about the Microsoft Gold Cloud Platform competencies and how partners and their customers benefit from this article.

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