The ban on enrolling in two degree courses falls

Green light unanimously from the Chamber of the Chamber to the abolition of the ban on being enrolled in two university courses at the same time. The Montecitorio Assembly approved, with 387 votes in favor and no against, the bill, which passes to the Senate, which abolishes a prohibition dating back to a Royal decree of 1933.

“Enrolling in several degree courses at the same time will soon be possible in Italy too: a great result that allows our country to take a leap into the future of university education, in line with the rest of the world. A result within reach thanks to the determination and work we are carrying out with the Parliament that has for some time put these issues at the center ”, commented the Minister of University and Research, Maria Cristina Messa.
“A provision that has been awaited for decades, which cancels a deeply unjust and timeless bond, dating back even to a Royal Decree of 1933. Italy, finally, aligns itself with the other major European countries and makes accessible to all students what was previously it was an exclusive privilege of those who could pay for their studies abroad ”, is the opinion of Rossano Sasso, undersecretary of the Ministry of Education.

The law will now pass in the Senate with the aim of making it operational as early as the next academic year. Soon, therefore, thousands of Italian students will be able to attend two faculties or two masters, even at different universities, schools or higher institutes with special organization and institutions of high artistic, musical and dance training. “This is a step towards the modernization of a system – the university system – which still has a long way to go to meet the new training needs and the best European standards,” said Vittoria Casa, president of the Culture, Science and Education Commission.

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“I am particularly satisfied with the excellent result obtained thanks to the M5S – declared the signatory of the amendment on the issue, Manuel Tuzi, deputy of the 5 Star Movement. -, for medical specialists who, during their training, will in the meantime be able to pursue a master’s degree or obtain a research doctorate ”.