The Baoji News of the Baoji Municipal People’s Government Portal shows the demeanor of the committee members in the new era with practical achievements

Demonstrate the demeanor of committee members in the new era with practical performance

Source: Baoji Daily
Release time: 2023-01-31 15:02

On the afternoon of January 30th, members of the CPPCC discussed in groups Yang Guangting, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, the speech at the opening ceremony of the second session of the 13th CPPCC, the work report of the Standing Committee and the report on the proposal work. CPPCC party secretary and chairman Liu Rongxian participated in the group discussion of agricultural and specially invited committee members.

Liu Rongxian believes that Secretary Yang Guangting’s speech has a clear theme, far-reaching meaning, inspiring and inspiring people, and it has important guiding significance for uniting and leading the whole city to work hard to accelerate the development of Baoji’s prospects for Chinese-style modernization.

Liu Rongxian emphasized that it is necessary to actively guide all parties and groups, people from all walks of life, to deeply understand the decisive significance of the “two establishments”, effectively strengthen the “four consciousnesses”, strengthen the “four self-confidence”, and achieve the “two maintenances”. Maintain a firm and correct political direction. It is necessary to fully implement the spirit of the third plenary session of the 13th Municipal Party Committee, focus on the implementation of the “1450” strategy, keep a close eye on the goal of “accelerating the construction of a sub-center and making every effort to build a pioneer area”, strive to be a new journey of Chinese-style modernization, and compose Baoji’s high-level The vanguard of a new chapter in quality development. It is necessary to fully release the effectiveness of specialized consultation agencies, actively explore new paths of cohesion, and gather wisdom for the high-quality economic and social development of Baoji.

Liu Rongxian requested that all committee members should adhere to the original mission of the CPPCC for the people, give full play to the main role of the committee members, base themselves on their own duties, give full play to their advantages, work hard on first-class standards, first-class performance, and first-class style of work, and demonstrate the style of committee members in the new era with practical work. It is necessary to strengthen the quality and efficiency of duty performance, maintain work concentration, and promote high-quality development with actual performance. The entire CPPCC system must persist in enhancing the awareness of innovation and cultivating highlights and characteristics, so that the performance of the CPPCC in the new era will be more quality and more refined, and the work of the Baoji CPPCC will be influential nationwide, ranked in the province, and well-known in all walks of life.

Ming Tao, vice chairman of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, participated in the discussion.