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The bar of the Liceu and the one of La Fenice (Nicola Padovan)

From time to time it's good to go see opera. Even Wagner, among people who sleep and only wakes up to applaud enthusiastically. And sometimes the best of all is the entreact, and the inevitable race at the bar. Let's talk about the difference between the bar of the Liceu and that of La Fenice!

Both are located in an elegant and aesthetically perfect setting, but with important shades. The one in Venice is operated by the brand of coffee Hausbrandt (owner of brands like Prosecco), and takes advantage of this presence, a presence that obviously gives added value to the brand, to make branding.

At the Liceu the management is a catering company and there is not much marketing of anything. The glasses of cava are bored, already full of time, and we do not know very well which brand of cava is drinking. Prices also show a different taxation: a glass of prosecco, eight euros; the one of cava I do not think that it reaches half (in the web, the extra glass of one pack with sandwiches worth a euro!). In short, is not there any company that sees the opportunity, is it that the Liceu is worth nothing?

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