Home Business The BART weekday change begins, long lines at the stations

The BART weekday change begins, long lines at the stations

BART will start later today, as the Transbay Tube will be retrofitted for a severe earthquake.

BART makes a system-wide shift to start the morning service at 5am. An Early Bird Express bus service was used to replace trains at the 4-hour hour.

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A long queue was seen Monday morning in front of the BART stations of Antioch and Pittsburg / Bay Point.

The seven Transbay bus lines from East Bay were already running at 03:50. Some of the first buses arrived in San Francisco just before 5am.

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Here is the official statement from BART:

As we approach the system-wide migration of the system from February 11, 2019, from 4:00 am to 5:00 am, many BART drivers want to know exactly when the first trains leave as soon as the timetable change takes effect. For the first time on weekdays, trains will start from the midline stations (Concord, South Hayward and Daly City) to start up the service and bring drivers to the core of the system faster. All early morning trains will be long, and East Bay's first train arrives at Embarcadero station at 5:35. The train times can be found in the timetable for stations and in the line sections of our website.

These are the new start times, broken down by stations:

More stories and videos about BART can be found here.

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