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The Basque Government insists on its demand to invest the surplus money


He already slipped it in public at the end of last October in Bilbao, when the Government of Pedro Sánchez was still a working Executive. And yesterday – on this occasion in Madrid and before the most select of the political-economic environment of the capital -, the Basque Treasury advisor, Pedro Azpiazu, returned to the charge, this time with the new La Moncloa guest already installed and fully active .

Azpiazu, who was fortunate to appear as the protagonist of the Forum Executive informational breakfasts only one day after a record collection of the Basque farms was known in 2019, spoke clearly and insisted on breaking the so-called spending rule to be able to invest – and, with this, to animate the economy of Euskadi- beyond the narrow framework that the regulations impose for these movements. A door that is “urgent” to open, stressed the counselor.

It was a way to remind the Tyrians and Trojans that the Basque Country has done well (in reality, much better than the rest) in terms of spending control, in a year in addition to a general slowdown in the economy as was the past, and that, in a way, it would be fair to be able to take advantage of that margin without penalty.

“Today, a more active role in fiscal policy is being demanded throughout Europe and this involves a flexibility in the stability framework and an improvement in the quality of public finances, especially through investments, especially those oriented to the fight against climate change to strengthen the ‘European Green Deal’, ”he explained.

In this way, Azpiazu stressed that the Iñigo Urkullu cabinet joins the idea recently launched by the European Fiscal Council, which he has proposed, said the counselor, “strengthen investment incentives with a variant of the Golden Rule that can stimulate growth, taking advantage of the low interest rate scenario ».

It is not that of Pedro Azpiazu the only voice in Europe that in recent times asks to take advantage of fiscal policy to reactivate the economy at the cost of some relaxation in the deficit limits, now that the monetary one (responsibility of the European Central Bank) seems exhausted.

The envite of the Basque advisor is a large and direct to Pedro Sánchez and his Government partners. Thus, the head of the Basque Treasury asked for “effective steps” in the General State Budget through a figure “that goes beyond the narrow framework of Financially Sustainable Investments”. This figure, which has the advantage of not counting in the deficit, has been used by Euskadi in the last two years; specifically, with investments worth 54 million euros in 2018 and one hundred in 2019.


Azpiazu, who did not miss the opportunity to value the strength of the economy and fiscal sovereignty of Euskadi, recalled that the Economic Concert states that if the Central Executive creates new taxes (the Government of Madrid has been willing to tax transactions financial and large technology, among other things), these “have to be arranged” with the autonomous community. In Roman Paladin, the Basque Country receives its share.

“Cooperation is the only way to solve problems and to create systems that work and transcend individuals,” he said, at the same time, asking Sánchez for “precaution” in the event of a possible reduction in the Property Tax that, if taken to cabo (in Spain), he added, would have to “compensate” for not altering the collection.

In the workplace, the Basque Minister was in favor of modifying the labor reform, as proposed by the Central Executive, but not in a comprehensive manner but only on those issues that allow «to avoid precariousness, which is something that does not like nobody, not the workers, neither the businessmen nor the Government ». «I do not say that everything should be left upside down; it’s important to see what worked and what didn’t, ”he said. On the Minimum Interprofessional Salary, Azpiazu asked for “caution” because “it does not affect the same” to all the autonomous communities.



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