The Bavarian police – press report Bavarian Untermain from 31.01.2023

Construction container stolen – who saw something?

HÖSBACH, LKR. ASCHAFFENBURG. During the weekend, strangers stole two construction containers from a construction site in the industrial area. The police are asking possible witnesses for information.

Between Friday 12:30 p.m. and Monday 08:00 a.m., the thieves stole two complete construction huts, a toilet container and a storage container. The crime scene is on Frohnradstraße. So far there is no trace of either the loot or the perpetrators. The containers are both orange.

The looted damage amounts to several thousand euros.

The Aschaffenburg Police Inspectorate takes tips on Tel. 06021/857-2230.

Theft of workshop premises – evidence of murder vehicle – police are investigating and looking for witnesses

ALZENAU, LKR. ASCHAFFENBURG. During the night from Sunday to Monday, unknown persons broke into a car workshop container and stole rims and car batteries. The Alzenau Police Inspectorate is hoping for evidence from witnesses.

According to the current state of affairs, the strangers approached the “Am Neuen Berg” property in a white van at around 1:30 a.m. via an adjacent dirt road. There, the perpetrators gained access to the site via a hedge and stole several BMW rims and used car batteries from two containers located there.

The prey damage is in the low four-digit range.

The Alzenau police investigators are hoping for clues from the public, not least because of the known time of the crime and the knowledge of the description of the crime vehicle.

  • Who saw a white pickup truck in the “Am Neuen Berg” area at the time in question?
  • Who may have seen the vehicle before or after the crime?
  • Who can provide information about the perpetrators?
  • Who else can provide relevant information about the theft?

The Alzenau Police Inspectorate takes tips on Tel. 06023/944-0.

“Stolen” Mazda discovered by passer-by – owner had obviously forgotten where it was parked

KARLSTEIN AM MAIN, OT DETTINGEN AM MAIN, LKR. ASCHAFFENBURG. After a Mazda was initially reported as stolen in mid-January, the Alzenau police searched for the vehicle (we reported). An attentive witness has now discovered the car undamaged at the Dettingen train station. The owner obviously couldn’t remember where the parking lot was.

The alleged theft became known to the police on January 19. Part of the search measures was also an appeal for witnesses, which was also printed in the newspaper. A reader remembered the vehicle, finally saw the Mazda standing near the station, completely undamaged, and called the police.

Officials were able to bring the happy news to the owner. As can be assumed from the current situation, the owner of the car had simply forgotten where he had parked his vehicle.

Unknown truck loses spare tires – two vehicles damaged – police are looking for witnesses

BISCHBRUNN, LKR. MAIN SPESSART. Two vehicles were damaged on the A3 by a lost spare tire from an unknown truck late Monday evening. One car was so badly damaged that it had to be towed away. The traffic police are now looking for the loser and possible witnesses.

According to current knowledge of the course of the accident, a truck must have lost a spare wheel in the dark when it was traveling in the direction of Würzburg.

The part of the vehicle on the road resulted in two following vehicles, a Mercedes Sprinter and a BMW 5 series, being damaged in the front area. The BMW was no longer roadworthy due to the accident and had to be towed away. Fortunately, those involved were unharmed. The collision happened at 11:30 p.m.

The material damage incurred amounts to more than 10,000 euros.

The Aschaffenburg traffic police are now also hoping for information from the population in their accident investigations. Witnesses who can provide information about the truck are asked to contact Tel. 06021/857-2530.

More witness calls

Police station Aschaffenburg

ASCHAFFENBURG / UNFORTUNATELY. Between Saturday 12:00 p.m. and Monday 07:00 a.m., two machine tools were stolen from a construction container in Werftstraße. The padlock was broken in the process. The amount of damage is several hundred euros.

The Aschaffenburg Police Inspectorate takes tips on Tel. 06021/857-2230.

Police station Obernburg

ELSENFELD, LKR. MILTENBERG. Between Saturday, 9:00 p.m. and Monday, 10:15 a.m., there was a traffic accident involving a gray Golf Plus. The car that was damaged at the front was parked on Elbinger Strasse between the rows of garages there.

The Obernburg Police Inspectorate takes tips on Tel. 06022/629-0.

Police station Miltenberg

BÜRGSTADT, LKR. MILTENBERG. On Monday, the passenger door of a red Mercedes B-Class was damaged in the NORMA parking lot. The escape from the accident happened between 11:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.

The Miltenberg Police Inspectorate takes tips on Tel. 09371/945-0.


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