the BBC notes that, like its predecessor Sorin Grindeanu, and Mihai Tudose has been a victim of battles within the party.
“According to the information, Tudose came into conflict with a powerful colleague in the party who, in June, proposed for the post,” notes the BBC.
And the agency France Presse writes about the resignation of the Romanian prime minister, who left after a conflict with the leader of the Social democratic Party (PSD).
“I’m Leaving with my head held high,” said Scrooge, at the conclusion of a meeting with the representatives of PSD, who withdrew their support, AFP reports.
Reuters notes that the tension between Scrooge and the president of the powerful of the PSD, Liviu Dragnea, started after the prime minister asked the minister of the Interior, the close of his Dragnea to resign, but this he declined.
the Agency points out that Dragnea can not become prime minister because of a conviction.
And Deutsche Welle and write about the resignation of his Tudose, who has lost political support and fight with the chairman of the party, Liviu Dragnea.
Prime minister Mihai Tudose announced, Monday night, at the end of the CEX, that he resigned, because he decided the party. He said he was leaving with his head high.
“I’ll resign tonight or tomorrow morning. Mr. vice-president Stănescu take over the program,” announced prime minister Mihai Tudose, at the end of the meeting of the Executive Committee of the PSD, which lasted more than five hours.
He said that the party has decided that it is in need of another Government, and that he will leave with his head high.
“Can I have my fault. So decided the party, I assume, CEx said that it’s better”, said Mihai Tudose, which he left at the headquarters of the PSD.
Asked what their reproaches, he replied: “I’m sorry I have not done many miles of highway, that I have done several hospitals, but you see, today I had a happy event, an investment of 500 million almost. I’m gonna head upstairs, I closed the year wrong, I don’t regret it, colleagues have praised the work of the government”.
Prime minister Mihai Tudose was sworn in on 29 June 2017, after the dismissal of the Government Grindeanu, six months in office, by a motion of censure of the PSD.

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