The bear that chased and mauled a cyclist on the street

An end that he would never have imagined but which materialized breaking his life in a bloody way. Chased and mauled by a bear. This is how a cyclist’s life was broken in the United States. The man was struck by the animal that had no mercy. He pounced on him while he was aboard his bike and left him no way out. The protagonist of the attack was a grizzly bear. The animal of about two quintals has launched to hunt for man considering him one of his prey. The deadly assault left no way out for the cyclist who failed to escape in time. The man was cycling near a nature reserve where it was not impossible to make “certain encounters”. The events took place near Ovando, Montana.

It is a small town that rises about a hundred kilometers from Helena, the most important center in the area. The cyclist was trying to venture into unspoiled nature not far from a campsite. At that moment the animal arrived. He was hungry since, according to the reconstruction of the authorities, he had also approached the campsite. Having found no food, he then wandered off until the victim was met with death. When he saw the man riding the bike, he didn’t hesitate to attack him. Immediately a hunt began which led to the capture of the animal. After finding it, the authorities decided to shoot it down.

The reconstruction of the sheriff

Talking about the affair was Powell County Sheriff Gavin Roselles. After explaining the details of the attack, he did not want to reveal the identity of the killed cyclist. He only explained that it was a member of a group of cycle tourists who were on a trip to Montana. The community of the small town was deeply shocked by the incident. According to their accounts, there would never have been an attack by the bears. “We are all in shock. We all know each other here and no one has ever heard of deadly attacks by bears in our woods.”

Speaking was Tiffanie Zavarelli, owner of Ovando’s saloon. A mistaken belief in fact, as evidenced by the numbers provided by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service. The first data provided concerns the presence of bears within the area in question. There are about a thousand and over time they have been dangerous for humans several times. It is estimated that in the last 50 years they have carried out at least 11 fatal attacks on men, as well as a series of injuries. The danger of the area was therefore known although it was the subject of excursions.