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The beautiful people of India captured in 51 photos by Polish photographer

Meeting people from different backgrounds and understanding that you are different and the same at the same time broadens your horizon. Yet most of us can not travel to all corners of the world. However, just because we can not shake hands with a person from a distant place does not mean that we can not be presented to them either. Come to the photographer Magdalena Bagrianow.

This Polish photographer based in the United Kingdom traveled to India with a camera in her hand and made quite a few portraits of the local population. And they are so powerful that you can almost feel the emotions that the subjects experienced at that moment. Many of the recordings were also made in their normal environment, which only increased the sense of sincerity.

Although population growth in India has been steadily declining since the beginning of the 1990s, the country still counts as the second most inhabited. The 1.3 billion people living there correspond to about 17.5% of the total world population.

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Portrait of a little Rajasthani boy, dressed as a Hindu god Lord Shiva. The photo was taken in the streets of Pushkar, where he accepted money / sacrifices of passing by the locals and tourists. In the Hindu religion / culture the offer is considered a good luck. His mother was at his side all the time and watched over him. It is customary for children and adults to dress up as Hindu gods / goddesses during religious festivals.

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A transvestite dressed as Hindu goddess offers his blessings in exchange for money from tourists and local people

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"FORGET YOUR PROBLEMS AND DANCE" – Bob Marley. Sagina, beautiful girl from Kalbelia caste dancing on the exhibition grounds in Pushkar

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Papu and Mamtu, mother and daughter of the Bhopa caste, both regarded as one of the most beautiful women in Rajasthan

9magdalenabagrianow9 Report


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