The benefits of drinking warm water on an empty stomach

Although there is a wide variety of natural remedies that have health benefits, water is also key to dealing with some ailments or diseases.

In the portal Avera They emphasize that drinking a glass of warm water on an empty stomach strengthens the immune system, helps eliminate toxins, contributes to weight loss and much more.

Next, the six benefits of drinking warm water on an empty stomach:

– Relaxes and reduces pain.

– Helps with weight loss.

– Contributes to the beauty of skin and hair.

– Improves digestion and eliminates constipation.

– Improves circulation and eliminates toxins.

Fruits that should not be eaten on an empty stomach

It is no secret to anyone that a group of foods such as fruits provides the body with great benefits, since, being of natural origin, its components include high amounts of vitamins and other minerals.

For this reason, for many years, health professionals have recommended that people maintain a diet in which fruits stand out. It is also appropriate to mention some of these foods, as they have a low caloric value, they help to lose weight.

1. The pear. “It contains a lot of crude fiber and can be the cause of irritating the gastric mucosa”explains the website.

2. The banana. “This fruit should also be dispensable first thing in the day, mainly because of its high magnesium content. The reason is that it is rapidly absorbed on an empty stomach, increasing the burden on the heart.”

3. Citrus. “By coming into contact with an empty stomach, citrus acids can cause reflux, ulcers, and gastritis,” concludes the platform.

Is it harmful to drink coffee on an empty stomach?

Coffee can be consumed on an empty stomach, but everything will depend on the patient. There are some people who, when they ingest this drink after fasting for eight hours and on an empty stomach, generate what is known as heartburn, which could trigger an ulcer, reports the health and well-being portal. Business Insider.

According to nutrition experts from The Nutrition Twins“This phenomenon happens because coffee relaxes the sphincter in the lower part of the esophagus, which allows the acid to come back up.”

The main component of coffee can cause tachycardia, tremors, panic and changes in mood in some patients, since it alters the normal rhythms within the nervous system, generating this type of reaction.

To reduce these effects, the medium recommends not consuming this drink alone, but instead having a coffee with milksince the natural milk protein helps reduce the effects of caffeine within the body and makes it assimilate better.

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