The best and worst hospitals in Italy according to Agenas

Agenas, theNational agency for regional health servicesevaluated the performance of 53 public hospitals in Italy, as part of the system for analyzing and monitoring the performance of healthcare companies envisaged by the 2019 Budget Law.

To evaluate the Italian hospitals various factors were used, such as treatment in the emergency room within an 8-hour period, waiting times indicated by law, few hospitalizations at high risk of inappropriateness, the ratio of doctors and nurses adequate for bed places, diagnostic tests with non-obsolete equipment and the accounts in order of each hospital structure.

A hospital works well when it manages to meet certain requirements, starting with a emergency room where patients do not leave because they have not received treatment within eight hours. Obviously, waiting times for operations and the presence of an adequate number of doctors and nurses are also very important.

The ‘Corriere della Sera’ reported the judgments specifying that these are report cards that have never been disclosed: on the basis of the various parameters, Agenas has given report cards to 53 hospitals present throughout the national territory and of these 12 have obtained a of low performance, 32 a medium level and only 9 a high level.

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2023-05-25 08:34:51