The best Black Friday offers from Megamesto –

Even € 100 cheaper than Roborock S7 in Lithuania; “At this price, the best email. bike “FIIDO D4S and” the cheapest treadmill on the market “ACGAM T02P

Black Friday Sale Deals!

You can win a coupon of up to € 100

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Great reviews from buyers and reviewers:

1) “Xiaomi Roborock S7” – a fantastic robot vacuum cleaner even 100 € cheaper than in Lithuania;

2) Tronsmart T6 Plus Upgraded – upgraded 40W Bluetooth 5.0 speaker;

3) “ACGAM T02P” means “the cheapest treadmill on the market”;

4) “FIIDO D4S” – “at this price it is the best e. bicycle ‘.

The online store Megamesto announces that one of the biggest sales this year is starting – Black Friday.

On that occasion, Megamesto has prepared special offers for Lithuanian buyers and immediately invites them to register in their store and participate in Lucky Draw. Lucky draws are available during the draw receive a coupon of up to € 100.

We remind you that Megamesto is an electronics store for customers in the Baltic States, which sells products of the most popular brands only from European warehouses.

Therefore, delivery to Lithuania is very fast and completely safe. All customs clearance and other tax issues have already been handled by the Megamesto store.

And now let’s take a closer look at some of the offers that have been specially prepared for the sale on Black Friday and are noteworthy.

The Xiaomi Roborock S7 is a fantastic robot vacuum cleaner

Roborock S7 is the latest and most advanced robotic vacuum cleaner from a well-known company. And now sold at the lowest price on the market.

After testing, we can describe the Roborock S7 in two words: a fantastic robot.

Basically nothing more to say and no need to say. If you are looking for a high-end robot with the most advanced technical solutions and smart features at the most affordable price, the Roborock S7 is just that.

Robot pros:

  • the highest quality of production and assembly;
  • the power of the robot reaches 68W, which is even very much;
  • HyperForce siurb suction system – 2500Pa suction pressure;
  • the first robot to use a completely new design floating brush – perfectly adapts to the surfaces to be cleaned;
  • ultrasonic carpet detection – automatically increases the suction power;
  • the company’s first robot that automatically raises the washing attachment – 5 mm;
  • the first robot with VibraRise technology that provides a floor scrub function – the washing additive vibrates 3000 times per minute, thus removing even stubborn stains;
  • water supply is regulated by integrated electronics;
  • washes and pumps simultaneously;
  • 5200 mAh batteries last up to 3 hours. (at minimum suction power);
  • LiDAR navigation system;
  • height, shock and other sensors;
  • child lock;
  • super wide selection of smart features in the app;
  • the first robot to have an automatic waste collection stop.

Robot cons:

  • 9.65 cm thick – such a robot may not crawl under some furniture. The problem here is with absolutely all robots with LiDAR navigation, because that laser navigation system is mounted directly above the robot – in that protruding bulb;
  • the price is still not the cheapest robot on the market. But the technology and ingenuity make it cheaper than the Roborock S7.

The Roborock S7 has almost everything the most discerning buyer could demand. And here are the customer reviews of this robot being especially great.

Tronsmart T6 Plus Upgraded is an upgraded 40W Bluetooth 5.0 speaker

The Tronsmart T6 Plus Upgraded is an updated version of the popular Tronsmart T6 Plus speaker.

The Tronsmart T6 Plus Upgraded already has an improved cylindrical design with a slightly different design and even stronger housing.
This speaker also complies with the IPX6 standard, so it can be used safely outdoors, in sports and so on.

The Tronsmart T6 Plus Upgraded is paired with Bluetooth 5.0 and NFC. It is also worth mentioning that these speakers can be connected to each other wirelessly and thus have even more sound. And the fast rechargeable batteries will last for up to 3 hours to listen to music.
The Tronsmart T6 Plus Upgraded is a great wireless speaker. Great design, compact, can be boldly used outdoors and good quality. This is also confirmed by buyers from Lithuania.

The ACGAM T02P is a treadmill with a control panel

The ACGAM T02P is one of the latest treadmills. And as the first reviewer claims, it’s the cheapest treadmill on the market.

And the ACGAM T02P impresses not only with its great price but also with its very cool features. Here we have a wide running track, and the whole unit is compactly folded and hidden under the bed, so it will not take up extra space in the room.

What else does the ACGAM T02P have? There are some key moments to note.

First, we have a 43 x 120 cm treadmill space. That is enough to use this track safely and comfortably. The fact that its surface is covered with a special, non-slip coating also contributes to safety. Having extra grip while running is always an advantage.

The manufacturer also claims that this aluminum treadmill can be used by people weighing up to 110 kg and can be used with confidence.
The ACGAM T02P is equipped with shock absorbers, so both the treadmill itself will withstand the loads and you will not cause unnecessary annoyance to your neighbors.
By the way, both the manufacturer and the reviewer claim that the ACGAM T02P engine runs extremely quietly and the noise level reaches up to 60dB at maximum speed.

The ACGAM T02P is both a walking and a treadmill. Walking mode can be activated to go from 1 to 6 km / h.

For those who want to run, the running mode remains activated and the speed can be selected up to 12 km / h.

And what if it’s too high and I can’t turn off the ACGAM T02P track? The manufacturer has also thought about this, and the ACGAM T02P has a strap that can be attached to the garment.

As soon as that strap is pulled out of the ACGAM T02P track, it will stop automatically. This extra security feature will definitely come in handy if you sometimes underestimate your capabilities.

It’s also fun that the ACGAM T02P has a special case for your phone and tablet.

We also have an LED display on the ACGAM T02P body, which shows the speed, time, calories burned, distance traveled or distance traveled.

It’s also interesting that the ACGAM T02P has a remote control, so you can change the speed all the time while walking or running. The ACGAM T02P track can be stopped immediately at the touch of a button.

The ACGAM T02P is a really cool track that allows you to walk comfortably, warmly and without any unnecessary contacts. Unfortunately, there is currently such a time period that every step out is already at risk of catching that unfortunate virus. And the weather is far from always the best for walks.

With the ACGAM T02P, you can also run very comfortably, which will really appeal to those who miss the sport and want to sweat seriously.

FIIDO D4S is a folding electric bicycle

The FIIDO D4S is a compact, powerful, foldable electric bike for fun travel in and out of the city.

In the photos below you can see the highlights of the FIIDO D4S electric bike.

It should be noted that we have a folding email here. bike, so it will be convenient to transport both in the trunk of the car and by public transport.

The folded bike is 85 x 45 x 64 cm. Folded – 150 x 26 x 108 cm The FIIDO D4S weighs only 18.5 kg. One of the easiest emails. bicycles.While the FIIDO D4S is light and compact, yet has a very strong frame and can withstand loads of up to 120 kg. Impressive indicator. Like other technical features.

The FIIDO D4S has a 250W brushless motor that delivers a maximum speed of 25 km / h and a maximum of 30 degrees.

6 Shimano drives make driving even easier and more comfortable. In addition, 3 driving modes are supported: electric only, electric + human power, human power only. Because the bike is light and with Shimano gears, even thinking about the pedals on your own will be one pleasure.

And how about a battery? The FIIDO D4S has a 36V 10.4Ah battery that will charge in about 7 hours. and up to 80 km on a single charge. Amazing result.

The FIIDO D4S is a lightweight, compact, powerful electric bike with excellent performance and CE, FCC, MSDS and UN38.3 certification.