The best doner kebab restaurant in Cologne awarded – Düsseldorf at the bottom

The doner kebab has been around in Germany since the 1970s. Invented by a guest worker, the dumpling filled with meat and vegetables has taken the snack bar landscape by storm and it is hard to imagine our eating culture without it. But where is the best doner kebab?

The delivery service Lieferando has taken on this question and examined which city has the best doner kebab restaurants across Germany. Among other things, it was about the number of kebab shops per 100,000 inhabitants, what their ratings are and what the average price is. A total of ten cities were closely examined.

In addition to Cologne and Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Dresden, Berlin, Munich, Bremen, Nuremberg, Frankfurt am Main and Stuttgart are also included in the ranking – which includes surprising results.

Doner kebab ranking: Cologne mediocre, Düsseldorf bottom

According to ratings, the best doner kebab is not in Berlin, Hamburg or Cologne, but in Dresden. There, customers rated the specialty with an average of 4.31 points in 16.84 shops per 100,000 inhabitants. Although Berlin has a higher density with 17.72 shops, it only comes in at 4.13 in the ratings and thus ranks third. Nuremberg is in second place with 4.25 in the ratings. The price in Dresden, at an average of 4.96 euros, is also well below that of the competitors.

Cologne only manages seventh place in the overall ranking. With 5.39 euros per kebab and a rating of 4.16, you are still ahead of Düsseldorf. The state capital of North Rhine-Westphalia is second to last with an average rating of 4.00 and an average price of 5.56 euros. At the bottom is Hamburg, which offers the most expensive doner kebab at 6.03 euros on average, but has the second worst value with a rating of 4.07.

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After all: The best kebab restaurant is in Cologne. Because back in February, the Mangal kebab chain, whose partner is a certain Lukas Podolski, was honored by the Lieferando supply chain as the “Best Doner Kebab Restaurant in Germany”. The users of the delivery service had voted for this and voted the Cologne chain in first place. Second place went to dönerWERK in Flensburg, third place went to Kebap 63 in Langelsheim near Goslar.

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