The best gaming laptops for 2023

If you want to play electronic computer games anywhere and anytime, then the laptop is the device you are looking for, because it is the portable alternative to powerful and large desktop computers. But there are a lot of things you should know that go beyond the power of the device.

The best hardware
Yes, a laptop equipped with the best graphics cards and processors may have features that blow your mind, but its performance may not be up to expectations if it heats up easily and does not have the required airflow. Battery service also affects the stability of gaming performance, without forgetting the keyboard, especially if you are not a fan of separate panels.
All these things are easy, unless your budget is modest and you have to sacrifice somewhere and search for a version equipped with components that you can update later to reduce the cost of the first stage, such as accepting a screen with a lower resolution and response speed so that you can still buy a device that guarantees you a satisfactory gaming experience.
Below we present to you a list of the three best portable gaming devices.
• «HP. HP Victus 16 – the best electronic gaming laptop for those with a modest budget.
This device can be described as powerful and affordable, as it guarantees a balance between play and work for the people who need it. There’s no doubt that you’ll get better design, durability, and sound quality if you spend a little more money, but if you can get past the fragility of the screen, the Victus promises to outlast the more expensive models.
The price of this device starts at $ 700 for the 15-inch version, but we advise you to avoid internal installations with 8 GB of RAM. And if you’re ready for more ($890), you can get a mid-range model that you won’t need to upgrade immediately, because it’s equipped with an Intel i5-12450H processor, 12GB of RAM, 512GB PCIe NVMe SSD, and a 1080p display. 144 Hz refresh rate, GeForce GTX 1650 graphics card.

Balancing advantages
• «Razer Blade 14» Razer Blade 14 – the best small laptop for electronic games.
The Razer Blade (14 inches) offers you a lot of power and energy for electronic games without making you feel small in size, which is somewhat annoying in gaming laptops. It promises satisfactory battery service, a travel-friendly size, and a sleek design that’s just as good for a meeting with bosses or clients.
• “Asus ROG Flow X13 XG Mobile” Asus ROG Flow X13 With XG Mobile – the best choice that balances portability and gaming power.
In the Rogue Flow X13 XG Mobile, Asus introduced a highly portable 2-in-1 (13-inch) with an AMD-developed CPU and an external GPU equipped with an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 mobile graphics processor, to finally get a flexible system suitable for work And the game outperforms many larger devices. Because of its two-in-one design, the device allows you to comfortably use an external keyboard without its built-in keyboard getting in your way. The device has seen some updates since we tested and evaluated it, such as providing it with an RTX 3050 Ti graphics processing unit from Nvidia, but the previous package, “XG Mobile”, includes a GTX 1650 processor.
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