“The best in the world”: Lucerito Mijares celebrates his mother Lucero with an emotional message

Written in CELEBRITIES the 11/5/2022 · 07:00 hs

Lucerito Mijares reappeared on social networks with a loving message dedicated to his mother, Lucero, on the occasion of the “Mother’s Day” festivities.

“Happy day to the best mom in the world. Thank you for always taking care of me and supporting me. You have no idea how much I admire you. Love you”, wrote the 17-year-old young talent, at the bottom of an image in which she poses with her mother from New York City.

In response, the “Bride of America” ​​shared her daughter’s post on Instagram Stories and added, “I love you with all my being, my beautiful girl.”

Lucerito Mijares dedicated an emotional message to his mother
Photo: @luceromijaresoficial

In the image you can see the two Lucero smiling at the camera and wearing casual clothes with jeans and black jackets. In the background, you can see a park, which could be Central Park in New York. Without a doubt, what is obvious is the great physical resemblance between the two.

Lucero and her daughter are traveling through New York enjoying the best musical theater works. Through her Instagram account, the singer has shared photos and videos of her journey through the iconic city for several weeks.

Lucero and her daughter enjoy the theater in New York
Photo: Instagram

In addition, the singer, through this same social network, took advantage of the space to send an affectionate congratulations to all the mothers of the world and made a special mention for hers, Doña Lucero León.

“All my love for the most beautiful in the world! For all the mommies in Mexico, may God bless you. May you celebrate them today and always. And especially mine, thank you for existing and giving me life! Thank you to my two wonderful children for choosing me to be their mom!“He wrote at the bottom of a photo in which his mother and his children Lucero and José Manuel appear.

Lucerito could focus his career on musical theater

Lucerito Mijares is one of the most beloved youth stars of the moment Although he has not made his official debut as an artist, we have only been able to enjoy his voice in brief collaborations with his parents Lucero and Mijares in some concerts.

On various occasions, The youngest daughter of Lucero and Mijares has expressed her desire to officially debut in musical theater, after collaborating in the play “La Cage de las Locas”, last year.

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