The best love movies for Valentine’s Day

So Valentine’s Day love movies we have brought you, which you can watch even if you are alone and spending the night with your best friend on February 14, but also if you have a loved one and are coming home from holiday dates with them.

Thanks, Simon

Simon is an ordinary teenage boy, except that he has a secret that neither his friends nor his family know about. She corresponds with another teenage boy with whom she shares the same shoes, and slowly, inevitably, falls in love with her. The only problem is that he doesn’t know who exactly he is writing those letters to. The situation only gets more complicated when someone posts the messages exchanged between Simon and the mysterious boy, thus revealing the secret. The seemingly intractable complications are finally resolved, and Simon gets the well-deserved happy ending: acceptance and love. Prepare pockets!

La La Land

The chemistry between Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone works and it has been proven in many films. Their characters help each other discover themselves and their best qualities as they find their place in the amazing world of Los Angeles. The overwhelming success California dream The movie (La La Land) received 14 Oscar nominations for no reason, the actors are fantastic (Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling’s acting is really brilliant), the costumes are wonderful, and the music is unparalleled.


Blikk Retro – „Vannak olyan pillanatok, amiket az embernek szűk körben kell átélnie” – Stahl Judit egy évig titkolta, hogy férjhez ment


Penn Badgley asked for fewer sex scenes in season 4 of You due to his marriage

Penn Badgley asked for fewer sex scenes in season 4 of You due to his marriage

To the boys I once loved

Every time Lara Jean Covey fell in love, she wrote a letter to her chosen one—she never sent the letters, she just put them away in a box. Then Lara’s worst nightmare happens: someone got hold of her letters and left them in the post office. After his deeply hushed feelings and thoughts see the light of day, he is forced to face what he has written. The teenage girl experiences first hand exactly what it means to love someone and be loved in return.

Tastes prayers loves

A story about a woman who doesn’t want to conform anymore. A woman who was able to let go of her past and find happiness. A woman we can identify with. Starring the inimitable Julia Roberts, who plays a character who has everything a woman could dream of: a rich husband, a dream home, and a successful writing career – yet she is unhappy. She suddenly decides to move away from home and quit her marriage. Liz embarks on a one-year trip around the world to finally discover who she really is and what she wants from life.

Photo of Carrie Bradshaw passionately kissing Aidan in the sequel to And Just Like That

Photo of Carrie Bradshaw passionately kissing Aidan in the sequel to And Just Like That

How to lose a guy in 10 days

Our heroine works for a women’s magazine, who started working on a very exciting article at the beginning of the film. How to lose a guy in 10 days? There is nothing left to do but to pick up a guy at lightning speed, whom you can drive crazy and then break up with more and more cunning methods in 10 days. Andie gets involved with a man who has to do the exact opposite: in 10 days, he has to seduce a woman who is assigned to him.

Filming is good: