The best men’s polo shirts with which to always be well dressed

polo shirts for men they are an off-road garment. It doesn’t matter if you’ve arranged to eat, have a few drinks or attend a company cocktail: they go well with everything and are suitable for (almost) any occasion. A basic manual in which to invest now to put yourself and all those who happen to you.

However, although it is a timeless garment with a century of life (although the dressmaker John E. Brooks launched a first version after a visit to the United Kingdom at the end of the 19th century, the books mention the René Lacoste of the following 1920s as the creator of this garment as we know it now), this has the extraordinary ability to be recoded under the baton of the designers who strive to rethink it season by season. Here, in fact, is one of the keys that has extended its life expectancy: the ability to preserve its essentiality and, in turn, to adapt to trends without objection.

Translation? Although there are classic models that are repeated year after year, we also find specific versions that will elevate you to the category of style reference. After an exhaustive review of the spring / summer 2022 collections, our verdict is summarized in 3 other models: with graphic motifs (Bluemarble, 8IGB Community Clothing, Egonlab, Paul Smith, S.S Daley), the oversized (Sunnei, Rhude, Dunhill, Acne Studios, Ermenegildo Zegna) y the knitted one with retro airsremembering the law of Jude The talent of Mr. Ripley.

Mastered the basic theoretical notions, it’s time to put them into practice with our selection of men’s polo shirts according to spring / summer 2022 trends. Believe us: they will become a must have in your closet.