The best pastry chef – Entertainment – M6 this Wednesday – TV program (09/21/2022

Watch this Wednesday, September 21 on M6 at 9:10 p.m. the program “The best pastry chef” produced in France in 2022. Lasting 145 minutes, this program is suitable for all audiences.

Contents: “Cyril’s challenge: The gazelle horn”. The pastry chefs have 2 hours to revisit a treasure of oriental pastry. – “The technical test of Mercotte: The tower of the palace of Scheherazade”. Behind the intoxicating name of Scheherazade’s palace tower is actually a monumental cake, surmounted by a delicate gold-powdered chocolate dome, culminating at 35 cm in height. It contains an incredible surprise… using a unique technique! – “The creative test”. Candidates will ask the genie of the lamp to grant their wishes! What are they dreaming of? Talk to animals, stop time, meet aliens

It’s mate I skip


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