The BEST places in Stormpoint to land and loot

Where is the best loot or is it safer to go in Stormpoint? We show you in our guide the best places and tips to land on this Battle Royale map.

The fourth big map of Apex Legends es Storm Point, a beautiful desert island brimming with resources. This map of the planet Gaea, like the others, offers a lots of different locations and special to take our battles one step further. As we have already covered in our complete guide to the other maps in the game; Can de los Reyes, Fin del Mundo and Olympus, in this section we will dedicate ourselves to teaching you what are the best areas to land and where is there best loot at Storm Point.

The best areas for loot quality

Just like the Apex Legends maps, Storm Point has sections and locations that have loot input or superior quality button as well as inferior (we are referring to weapons, accessories and equipment items). This means that we can always know in advance where there will most likely be high quality equipment, although it should be noted that these are only indicative and never a total certainty.

So, below we show you the map of Point Storm with each of its zones marked by colorsindicating which are the places with the best and worst loot.

  • In purple: areas with high quality loot.
  • In orange: areas with medium quality loot.
  • In blue: areas with low loot or poor quality loot.

Areas with high quality loot

In relation to the areas with the best lootStormpoint has several prominent locations, especially in the edges or corners of the map and especially towards the side west. There are over 5 loot zones and they are all pretty big so it’s likely that landing on them could be an optimal strategy, but I never confessed to you. In these areas you will find big botn and surely also many other rivals eager to pick it up or fight over it.

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Here is the list of all 8 zones with high quality loot in Storm Point:

  • Pararrayos (Lightning Rod): landing position located on top of the mountain. The top of the station is the highest position on the map and is a crucial stronghold if the ring ends there.
  • Thunder Watch: a watchtower through which you can reach the top of the mountain. It’s an intense close quarters combat zone, with a gravity cannon that can be accessed from the side of the mountain and allows you to escape quickly.
  • Control point (Checkpoint): a location that is suspended above a lush forest. Jump from the platform to the forest below you to escape from the fight.
  • Downed Beast (Downed Beast): a stranded sea creature that offers a unique combat experience. Teams are encouraged to land on one of the platforms and gather loot at one of ECHO’s many shops, then make their way inside the beast for the best loot (although this could be dangerous).
  • The Mill: the circular interior of the Mill contains prized bounty and the entrance to the central river.
  • El Cenote (Cenote Cave): a secure network of coral reef caves; the most isolated section of the map. It is full of valuable loot and strong positions. Be careful because it is on a crucial path for many players.
  • Launch Zone (Launch Pad): a wide space that is characterized by having two different landing zones; the large landing platform and the control building.
  • Crashed ship (Ship Fall): remains of the original survivors of Stormpoint. Despite decades of erosion, the engine section is still intact, and it’s quite a fortress if you can get to it.
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Areas with medium quality loot

In the group of zones with medium loot quality we found some places on the map that they offer pretty decent loot as well as a constant flow of players. As a general rule, these sites are ideal for arm at the start of the game without the need to face combat in the first few minutes (although not always, only if when you land you see that no other platoons are with you).

Here you have the 10 medium quality loot locations from Stormpoint:

  • Plataforma septentrional (North Pad): deployment area with a network of protected trenches that allow safe passage through a wide mountain range. Separating these trenches are underground bunkers and small button guard points.
  • El Muro (The Wall): a great wall that divides the north beach from the mountain. It is a very important landing point for combat seekers and acts as a bottleneck between the two most prominent sections of the map.
  • Highpoint: the only display globe on this map. It is at the top of the largest hill and is a vital bottleneck to the top of the mountain.
  • Command Center: huge loot-filled complex that allows players to drop into it from the transport. It is also a great method to get to the top of the mountain while protecting yourself using a net with long zip lines.
  • Cascades (Cascade Falls): a large group of buildings located near the falls that act as the focal point of the map due to their proximity to the center. It is one of the busiest points of interest.
  • Atrapatormentas (Storm Catcher): indoor location focused on close combat. Stand on their outer balconies to engage in long-range combat against strong, defensible bases on either side.
  • Barmetro (Barometer): A loot-heavy turntable guarded by a research tower that provides a height advantage, but is difficult to defend against enemies.
  • La Antena (Antenna): a deployment point divided by a network of gateways located above a huge communications antenna.
  • Piscifactoras (Fish Farms): a chain of islands separated by the open sea, they are a wide area with a clear separation between button buildings.
  • Estacin de Gale (Gale Station): a landing place similar to the Fish Farms separates the center of the island from the southern section. What it lacks in loot quantity, it makes up for in loot quality.
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Low loot areas

Las blue highlighted areas in the map that we have shown you, as you can already get an idea, they do not have great advantages in your team button.

  • These locations are more like zones passing and small placesmost of them nameless, that can bring you some rest or surprise.
  • As a general rule these places are there to spread the balance of the map.
  • As usual, we do not rule out as a recommendation at the beginning of the game these points if you have no other place to go because you want to avoid adjoining areas full of other groups of players.