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The best portable devices you can buy now (Winter 2018)

Smartwatches were not the overwhelming success that many manufacturers had hoped for, but that does not mean that all of them are bad or useless. Not everyone needs or wants a screen on their wrists, but for those who enjoy tracking workouts and responding to alerts without reaching a phone, they can be great tools.

We've put together a small list of our most popular wearables, from the fitness-oriented Fitbit Versa to Samsung's flagship Tizen Smartwatch. These devices do not have a specific order.

Fitbit Versa

Many people want their smartwatches to be first fitness trackers and notification managers second. If you fall into this category, the Fitbit Versa is probably for you. It's a cheaper continuation of last year's Fitbit Ionic, with a lightweight aluminum body and premium fitness tracking. The watch is waterproof up to 50 meters, so you can swim with it. The battery life is about four days.

The Versa uses Fitbit's proprietary clock operating system, which has greatly improved since the release of the Ionic. You can track workouts, store locally worth 2.5 GB of music (from Pandora or Deezer), install a limited set of third-party apps, control music playback from your phone, and view notifications.

In our review, Ryan wrote, "The Versa has a good price of $ 200. If you're a Fitbit fan, the Versa will be an easy one to buy, with all the features you love about your Fitbit with smartwatch material. For those in search of more exercise, the Versa could also be an ideal wearable: if you are not satisfied with the powerful smartwatch platforms, you should give the Versa a shot performance and occasionally spotty connectivity because of its long battery life. "

Where can I buy the Fitbit Versa?

TicWatch Pro

Google's Wear OS, formerly known as Android Wear, has evolved significantly over the past year. Google has just released an update that completely redesigns the interface and makes navigating menus and notifications much easier. Most Wear OS watches work the same, but our best option is now Mobvois TicWatch Pro.

The TicWatch Pro has everything you'd expect from a Wear OS watch – a heart rate sensor, Google Pay NFC, built-in GPS, and 4GB of internal storage. It also has a second screen under the touch screen, so you can disable the smart feature and use it as a normal clock for up to a month. The only downside is that the TicWatch Pro does not use the all-new Snapdragon Wear 3100 processor. However, there are currently no affordable watches that use this chip (until the Fossil Sport comes out).

In our review, Scott wrote, "The TicWatch Pro is a great high-end Wear OS watch that includes some useful additions to Mobvoi in its own health and fitness apps, and the two-day battery life is acceptable Definitively Supported The clever secondary display and Essential mode, with most of the smart features disabled, can make you even more life out of it while you're still tracking your steps and checking your heart rate from time to time. "

Where can I buy TicWatch Pro?

Fitbit Charge 3

If smartwatches are not your thing, the Fitbit Charge 3 could be the best option. It's just a fitness tracker, but it's one very well Fitness Tracker. It can record over 15 types of exercise (running, cycling, swimming, circuit training, etc.) and track your heart rate around the clock. All health information can be displayed in the Fitbit app on your phone and synced to the cloud for viewing on other devices.

Fitbit says that Charge 3 has a water resistance of up to 50 meters and the battery should last a week. There is also a special edition with Fitbit Pay, but if you are interested, make sure your bank / credit card is supported.

Where can I buy the Fitbit Charge? 3

Galaxy Watch

Samsung's watches have always been the main competitor for Android Wear / Wear OS. This year's Galaxy Watch has an excellent display, good build quality, fast performance and version 4.0 of the Tizen operating system. While Tizen's library of third-party apps is still not great, Samsung apps offer all the essentials.

The main drawbacks of the Galaxy Watch are the price ($ 300 at the time of writing) and the lack of support for MST (so you can not use Tap-to-Pay for registers without NFC). In our review, Ryan wrote, "Although I can not give the Galaxy Watch a comprehensive recommendation, I like to use it.The rotating bezel is undeniably fantastic.It's a fast and pleasant way to cross the interface.When you turn it, the Interfaces (such as the widgets), organized in discrete pages, expand one screen each click, and Tizen's interface can be a bit confusing at times, but the bezel and buttons make it easy to handle.

Where can I buy the Galaxy Watch?


If you want to buy a smartwatch cheaply, you will get one TicWatch E. The design leaves a lot to be desired, but it runs with Wear OS and is water / dust resistant to IP67. It also has built-in GPS and heart rate sensors. You can buy it at Amazon or Best Buy.

Another budget option is the Verizon Wear24 Watch, due to low demand and faulty LTE functionality, was released after just four months on the market. You can easily find it on eBay or Amazon for under $ 50 – no Verizon service is required.

Finally, if you want to attach a GIF for $ 85 to your jacket, the BEAM will do just that. You can read our review here and buy it on the Beam website.


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