The campaign for Real Ale has released the Good Beer Guide for 2019 – and an amazing 111 Lincolnshire pubs have made it to the list.

The guide is created after a vote by CAMRA members who rate the pubs based on the quality of the beer, its facilities, food, beer gardens, events and sports teams.

The latest list contains 21 new entries from Lincolnshire that have been previously deleted from the list, but have now made a return.

There's also a new entry for Guy Martins Marrowbone and Cleaver Pub in Kirmington.

CAMRA spokesman Tom Stainer said, "It's fantastic to see the number of new pub entries in the 2019 Good Beer Guide and continued growth in the local brewery.

"We've seen such far-reaching changes in the brewing and pub scene over the past year, that brewing has become more cooperative and socially minded, and pubs continue to diversify to meet all tastes, with the ever increasing numbers of micropipettes, tap-fans and community – Pubs operate, each a better choice for drinkers.

"This is the 46th edition of the Guide – a book that has become an indispensable companion to those who are passionate about real beer and are discovering the best places to find it."

The bone marrow and cleaver, Kirmington
The bone marrow and cleaver, Kirmington

Here is the Lincolnshire list of pubs:

Aby, Railway Tavern – real ale, real fire and homemade food

Ancaster Social Club – two changing real ales, darts, pool, football, cricket and rounders teams. CAMRA's Club of the Year.

Barholme, Five horseshoes – Cozy, selection of six ales, pizza and barbecues and live music in summer.

Grave mound, Haven Inn – three ales, good food, popular with hikers. New entry.

Barton-upon-Humber, Wheatsheaf – four real ales and a real cider in a friendly 18th century pub.

white swan – three changing draft beers and five ciders. Sunday Quiz night and monthly vinyl night.

Buckle up, Crown Inn – No food, but choice of five ales. Listed as an "oasis for the discerning drinker".

bicker, red lion – Three ales and food in this inviting pub from 1665.

Blyton, Black Horse – three changing beers. New entry.

Boston, Eagle – The real beer of the city. Cozy, with a real fire in the lounge.

Goodbarn's yard – 700 year old pub is good for a bite to eat. Large beer garden overlooking the river. Three ales.

Bourne, anchor – Choice of five ales, pool and darts teams, Sky Sports. New entry.

Smiths – Six beers, six ciders, children's playground.

The Signal Box Inn

Brig, Yarborough hunting – Impressive! eight beers on tap, plus wine, whiskey and cider. No food, but Punters are welcome to bring their own sandwiches.

Broughton, red lion – Live music, food, sports and three beers. New entry.

Burgh le Marsh, Bell Hotel – three ales plus a big bell over the entrance. New entry.

Caistor, White stag – two beers, food and dishes for vegetarians. New entry.

Caythorpe, red lion – Welcome, two ales. New entry.

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St. Leonard's Chapel, Admiral Benbow – Three ales at this beach bar at the prom.

Claypole, Five bells – Four ales, homemade nosh and children's play area. New entry.

Cleethorphe, No.1 pub – Eight beers and delicious food in this bar at the train station.

No.2 refreshment room – cozy pub with a covered smoking area.

Nottingham house – former post office where dogs and children are welcome. Bar meals, seven beers and cards and dominoes.

Signal Box Inn – Four changing beers served in an old railway interlocking on the Cleethorpes Coast Light Railway.

Willy – Bar is served by the sea with a microbrewery on-site dining.

Coleby, storm arms – This pub was saved by villagers. Popular with hikers and cyclists.

Donington, Black bull – Five hand pumps, food and open fire.

Eastoft, River Don Tavern – two changing beers. The Sunday carvery is very popular.

Fosdyke, Ship Inn – maritime theme, good food, three ales.

Gainsborough, Blues Club – two changing ales in this bar at Trinity Square.

Grace Collins and Jess Dunlop are sponsoring the barge on the barge in June

Eight Jolly Brewers – a real beer port with six beers. The players bring along lunch on Sunday.

Elmhütte – Six draft beers, food and weekly live music.

Swan Forkbeard – a visit Wetherspoons Pub.

Gosberton Risegate, Duke of York – friendly, with good food and beer.

Grantham, BeerHeadZ – five changing beers – bring your own food.

lady – A "cosmopolitan" bar that comes to life in the evenings and weekends.

Lord Harrowby – A friendly back-street drunkard, five beers for sale.

Nobody inn – Live music, six beers and a hidden toilet door behind a bookshelf.

Grimsby, barge – a bar in an old coal barge.

Spiders web – Four beers, weekly poker, quiz night and children's playground.

Yarborough Hotel – 12 changing beers!

Hawk, Station Inn – live music, real fire and changing beers.

Racoon, Hare and dogs – Food, two beers and live music at this 1600 inn.

Heckington Windmill PHOTO SALES INFO:

Heckington, 8 sailing brewery bar – restored victorian bar and pew in this windmill house. New entry.

Heighington, Butcher and beast – Five beers, food, beer festivals, games and quizzes.

Hemingby, Trainers & Horses – Two hand pumps and award winning food.

Hornburg, King head – Four beers in this characterful pub with a thatched roof.

Old Nick's Tavern – live music, five hand pumps and a microbrewery. New entry.

Ingoldmell, compatriot Built around the lodge of a notorious smuggler from the 19th century.

Kirkby on Bain, Ebrington arms – seven beers, good food and a folk music club.

Guy Martins village pub

Kirmington, Marrowbone & Cleaver – In the pub Guy Martin, which is run by his sister Sally, the guests are warmly welcomed. New entry.

Lincoln, Adam and Eve – Five beers, music and food in atmospheric surroundings.

cardinal's hat – If you like craft ales, ciders and other drinks, this is the place for you. Look at the meat and cheese plates.

Golden eagle – Seven beer changes and live music. It is busy on game days.

The hops and barley in Lincoln

Hops & barley – The city's first microbrewery, which is located on the High Street. New entry.

Carpenter arms – Five beer changes, music and quiz nights and even a bar-billiard table.

Jolly Brewer – Six beers, food, live music, courtyard and art deco style.

The hat of the cardinal

Morning star – Award winning beer garden with live music Six beers.

scratch – A popular Wetherspoons bar that was once a movie theater. Food and seven changing beers.

Struggler's Inn – More than 600 different beers are served each year.

Victoria – Being in the lead for 34 years speaks for itself.

Little Cawthorpe, Royal Oak Inn – Four beers plus a guest beer, three restaurants.

Louth, brown cow – friendly, five beers, and Thursday night is cake night.

Cobblestones – Three beers, live music on the weekend.

Consortium Micropub – six real ales and a real cider.

Gas Lamp Lounge – Five beers in this pub lit with gas light.

Olde Whyte Swan – Two beers in the oldest pub in Louth.

Wheatsheaf – good selection of real ales and food.

Ludford, White stag – four changing beers, home-cooked food.

Market pigeons Vine Inn – Free snacks on Sunday lunchtime and early evening Four beers.

Messingham, Horn Inn – live music, pub quiz, food and four beers.

Pooleys – Five beer changes and a real fire.

Navenby, Lion & King – Four beers, music, food and a billiard room. Buses stop in front of the pub.

Newton, red lion – Three changing beers in this inviting pub full of old world charm.

North Hykeham, centurion – Listed as a real pub serving food, this is well worth a visit.

Raithby, red lion – cozy pub, which is popular with hikers.

Ropsley, Green man – This CAMRA Pub of the Year 2017 is worth a look.

Ruskington, Shoulder of mutton – Four ales served in this former butcher shop.

Saxilby, angler – Four beers, crib, darts, domino, pool and footie teams.

Dambuster Inn
Dambuster Inn

Scampton, Dambusters Inn – Seven ales in this RAF-themed pub paying homage to the famous 1943 Dam raid from nearby Scampton Air Base.

Scawby, Sutton arms – two regular ales, two guests, homemade food – what is not to like?

Sheikh Bach, King William IV – Big on food, three guests ales.

Scotter, Sun & anchor – Children's playground, Sunday roast, four ales.

white swan – Hotel, restaurant and bar with tables by the fire.

Scunthorpe, Berkeley Hotel – A pub by Samuel Smith with Art Deco interior.

Blue bell – Eight beers on offer, beer garden and twice a year festivals.

Honest lawyer – Four beers, bar food and sports TV.

Ashby malt scoop – Five ales, quiz nights, club and snooker club for members.

Skegness, Seathorne arms – two beers and an extensive menu.

Weinhotel – one of the oldest bars in the city in a beautiful area.

Skillington, cross Swords – two beers, good pub food a real fire.

Sleaford, Carre Arms Hotel – three changing beers, food and a nice covered courtyard.

White horse – Darts and pool and two changing ales.

Snitterby, King oak – Five beer changes, theme nights and open fires.

Spalding, Olde white horse – Beautiful thatched building from the 17th century. Samuel Smith Old Brewery Bitter is on tap.

Appetizers oven – six changing beers in this micropub, where beers can be sampled in one third of a pint.

Landlord Greg Algar in the pub's toilets, which has a mural with a picture of Dambusters hero Barnes Wallis
Landlord Greg Algar in the toilets of the pub Dambusters, who has a mural with a picture of Dambusters hero Barnes Wallis

Red Lion Hotel – cozy and inviting with a choice of three ales.

Stamford, Jolly Brewer – There are six hand pumps at this award-winning pub hosting the World Pushpenny Championships.

King head – Five changing local beers in this one-bedroom property.

Tobie Norris – Five hand pumps in this former bell foundry.

Stick Ford, Red Lion Inn – Take a look at the annual cider festival.

porpoise, Green Dragon – Five ales in this now flourishing village pub.

Swinhope, Clickem Inn – six real ales, a traditional cider and good food.

Thimble, Durham beef – A "fine country inn" that is more than 200 years old.

Epiphany, Three Kings Inn – Beers from near and far.

Waddington, Three horseshoes – Real Fire and Real Ales – Cozy.

Wainfleet, Bateman's Brewery Visitor Center – discover how the magic happens and enjoy the results.

Bateman's Brewery

West Woodside, Carpenter's Arms – The winner of the Haxey Hood game in 2018.

Wintertön, George Hogg – Beers, real cider, annual beer festival and great Sunday lunches.

Wragby, ivy – Five beers, sports on TV and a Sunday night quiz.

Wroot, cross keys – Pub games and four draft beer. New entry.

The 46th edition of the Good Beer Guide is available via this link.



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