The best renovation loans

From May 21 to 29, the Batibouw fair will be held in Brussels, an unmissable event for candidates for construction or renovation. We have calculated for you what is, on average, the best renovation loan.

What is meant by “best loan”?

To determine the best renovation loan, we averaged the rates charged by each lender, every day during the last 12 months, from May 1, 2021 to April 30, 2022. If an institution offers several rates (for example, a higher rate for a loan of longer duration) we have taken into account the lower rate.

For the loan to obtain the title Best of the test, it is necessary that the institution which proposes it has a national diffusion. It is therefore not excluded that a local banking institution obtained an even better result.

Ready for classic or ecological renovation

Virtually every lender offers two types of home improvement loans. the ready for “classic” renovation and the ready for renovation called “ecological” or “energy”. This second rate is (much) more advantageous than the conventional rate, but obtaining it is linked to certain types of work aimed at reducing energy consumption (insulation, solar panels, heat pumps, double glazing, etc.). Some lenders allow mixed use of the borrowed amount. For example, at least 50% of the sum must correspond to ecological renovation, while the rest of the loan can correspond to conventional renovation.

Classic renovation or ecological renovation, in both cases, you will have to present an estimate of the work envisaged or an invoice for the work carried out or the materials purchased to prove that the object of your loan concerns renovation work.

You will find below the best loans for a classic renovation and the best loans for an ecological renovation.

Be careful, keep in mind that the results based on the rates practiced in the past do not give any guarantee for the future. Before applying for a loan, we invite you to consult our renovation loan comparator which will give you the most interesting rate of the day. Especially as Batibouw approaches, some lenders will temporarily offer attractive rates.

Last clarification: before granting you credit, the lender will analyze your financial situation and assess your repayment capacity. It is therefore not excluded that you will not obtain the best conditions if he considers that your profile presents certain risks. He could also reserve his best rate for his clients.

Don’t forget the loans granted by the Regions

Also remember to check if you are not eligible for a regional loan. This is generally the most advantageous solution of all, but a series of conditions must be met, in particular maximum income.

You will find information here for Wallonia, here for Brussels and here for Flanders.