Social Gambling Games You Have To Try

Social Gambling games are the perfect TGIF activity, if you’re looking for something to fuel your gambling urge, but also great to spice up your regular board game nights with friends. By hosting a private game, it frees you from the stress of keeping to a certain pace and allows more socializing between hands –– all in all, providing you with a good refresher from the tense atmosphere of the casino. And for those who prefer playing by themselves, there are plenty of new bingo sites to choose from.


The options stated below are ideal social casino games that you can adapt to play at home, regardless if you’re aiming to play low or high stakes.


It’s no surprise Bingo is often the first game that people associate with when they think of social casino games. A home bingo night is always easy and fun to set up –– all you need is several bingo card sets that can be bought or easily downloaded from the Internet. Players who are using reusable poker cards should avoid marking on it, but cover their numbers with a poker chip instead.


Plus, gone are the days where the bingo hosts have to physically draw and read out the chosen numbers! By using mobile Bingo applications, bingo numbers are drawn at random and read out through your device. You can set the pace and timing of the bingo game as well, making it more conducive to socialize with friends between numbers.


Dog or Horse Track

There are many advantages to betting on dog and horse tracks amongst social gamblers. Firstly, the tracks are limited at 15 and the bets run as low as $2; hence, players can bet on all the races without breaking their banks. Secondly, there is ample time for socializing between and during races, which allows gamblers to take their time and choose their bet wisely. Plus, there are many food options located near the track, perfect for hungry gamblers to gather and hang out. Thirdly, players who want to aim big can either dabble in trifecta or superfecta, which is the process of picking the top three or four dogs or horses, or make small bets on long shots.


The dog and horse races are especially unique because the odds are dependent on the betting volume on each entrant, and are based on the perceived chance to win of other bettors. A percentage of the betting purse is given to the track, and the rest is distributed amongst the winners. As long as you can pick the winners better than the average bettor, you’re able to make a profit!

Video Poker

Video Poker is another great option for your social gambling nights. Get a group of friends and several video poker machines together, and enjoy hours of poker without having the stress of keeping up with the dealer! Video poker allows you to adjust the speed of the hands from 400 to 100 per hour, giving you ample time to socialize whilst keeping the gambling game going.


It’s good to prepare a set of video poker strategy cards that can be bought or printed off the internet. Additionally, you should also have an idea about the best pay tables for video poker machines, as some machines offer an unfair house advantage. With four or more people playing on a video poker machine, the chances of getting a royal flush increase significantly, and the lucky winner can scoop a 4,000 coin jackpot. The majority of the poker pay tables require a five-coin bet to unlock the top prize bonus –– a $1 machine would have a maximum bet of $5, whereas a quarter machine would have a max bet of $1.25 –– hence, make sure that everyone in your group is comfortable with betting such an amount.


The only downside to video poker is that many casinos offer better pay tables with machines that have a high minimum bet, so do bear that in mind when choosing your table and machine.


Though slots and video poker are similar, some differences could give one the advantage over the other. Both video poker and slot machines offer you the luxury of setting the pace of the game, hence giving you ample time to socialize to stretch your bankroll.


It’s easier to find slot machines for a group of friends compared to video poker machines, and you won’t need to worry about strategy when you play. Plus, some of these slot machines are able can offer progressive jackpots that can go up to hundreds of thousands and millions. However, you should read the rules carefully as certain progressive slot machines require all the pay lines to be activated, which may result in your bet being $2 or higher per spin.

On the other hand, slot machines offer a higher house advantage over video poker. This may or may not be a problem, depending on how you and your friends see this tradeoff as.



If you’re looking for a game that allows you to talk, cheer and laugh, Craps is the one for you! Craps is a team win-or-lose game, hence players often cheer and root for each other around the table. Plus, the craps tables in the casinos have bets as low as $5, making it wallet-friendly and non-stressful.


The craps tables are quite big, hence there’s room for both spectators and players. If you have three or four people at your party, consider joining an existing craps table, but if you have five or more players, you can request to open a new table for you. Craps is a social gambling game, so don’t be intimidated to join a stranger’s table –– making new gambling friends is always good!


However, because craps have many betting options, it can appear complicated and deter new players from fear of making mistakes. Let your players know that they can avoid rolling the dice and pass their turn if they are uncomfortable with it, but they are still able to make bets on other player’s rolls.


Amongst the rest of the social gambling games, Keno is the most relaxed and friendly one of all. Players purchase tickets and bet on numbers ranging from 1 through 80, and then wait for the casinos to choose 20 numbers at random. There’s a lot of idle time in Keno, as players are required to wait between drawings that can last anywhere between 5 to 15 minutes.


In many casinos, keno lounges have been increasingly replaced by high revenue-generating games, such as slot machines. You can still buy Keno tickets, but they’re often kept at obscure keno desks instead. On the other hand, dining in restaurants where keno is legalized provides a great reprise to the casino electronic keno desks –– you’re able to buy tickets electronically and wait for results (usually shown on video boards or televisions) –– all while having a delicious meal with your friends. Plus, keno tickets only cost around $1 to $2, so you’re able to play every draw without breaking your bank!


Everyone loves poker, right? As one of the well-loved games in a social gambling night, poker can be adapted to be played at both the casino and at home. Home poker nights are often preferred booking a poker table in the casino, as you’re able to keep the stakes low and set a comfortable pace that’ll suit everyone.


A quarter a chip is an ideal value to start with, but you’re able to reduce it to a dime or a penny to keep the stakes even lower. It’s good to cap the chip value at $1, as anything more can turn your social gambling night sour.


Be creative with your poker setup! DIY your own poker table by folding table toppers for an inexpensive yet functioning poker table –– who said you needed to buy anything?



What could be better than hanging with your best pals and playing your best games? Spice up your stay-at-home nights with home Poker or Bingo, or take a trip out to your favorite casino or restaurant for video poker, keno, or slot machines! With our suggestions, you’ll never have a boring night again!


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