The Best Time to Perform the Prayer of Hajat Reject Bala Wekasan Wednesday, Complete Intentions, Procedures, and Prayers

TRIBUN-TIMUR.COM – One of the practices that can be done today is the Hajat Rejection Prayer on Wednesday Wekasan, Thursday (21/9/2022).

Salat Hajat Tolak Bala Wednesday Wakesan performed four rak’ats and two salams.

One of the purposes of the Hajat Tolak Bala prayer is to ask Allah SWT for help to be saved from the plague or disaster.

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However, not a few Muslims feel confused about the timing of the Hajat Reject Bala prayer.

The time for the prayer of Rejecting Bala Wednesday Wakesan can be done in the morning (Dhuha Prayer Time) or after after Maghrib.

That is, Muslims can carry out the prayer to reject Rebo Wekasan’s reinforcements from morning to evening.

However, the prayer to reject Rebo Wekasan’s reinforcements is not a mandatory worship or a sunnah, but only a recommendation.

The following are the intentions and procedures for the Wekasan Rebo Prayer:

1. Shalat hajat lidaf’il bala

This prayer is performed four raka’at, both with two tahiyyat and one salam, with the intention: