A year after the launch of TF1, France 2 in turn offers its first daily soap opera, A si grand soleil, created and shot in the Occitan region, in its own studios. To discover this Monday, August 27th.
Montpellier. After years of absence, Claire Estrela (Melanie Maudran) returns to her hometown, where she left on a whim. Just before leaving, she had quarreled with her sister, Angela, who was engaged with Julien Bastide, (Jérémy Banster), whom she was in love with. Soon after, Angèle had committed suicide …
His return, with Theo, his 16-year-old son, whom everyone did not know existed, will be like a bomb. First of all for the one she loved who has since become a father of two children and works in the finance firm of her mother (Chrystelle Labaude), the latter still holding him under her thumb … Then for her own parents ( Gabrielle Lazure and Bertrand Farge), who discover the existence of their grandson …
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We will say no more, because every day its dose of newcomers (forty main characters are expected), intrigue and twists in this first daily newspaper of France 2, which this starting point is not than the tip of the iceberg. "It is above all a choral soap opera more beautiful life, whose stories, rooted in France today, reflect its wealth, its fractures and its diversity and where we can replay his destiny every day" says Sophie Gigon, director of France 2's day-time serials.
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Moreover, one of the producers, Olivier Szulzynger, is the former showrunner of Plus belle la vie! And the design of the sets in the 8,000 square meters of studios that France Télévisions had built in Vendargues was entrusted to Michel Blaise, already chef-deco of the soap opera of France 3 … But, knowing that the public has an appetite for beautiful stories As producer Tomas De Matteis explains, why did you wait so long before creating such a saga? The chains were cold. It's a huge investment! (35 million euros)? The repurchase of the production company Newen (which owns Plus belle la vie) by TF1 has pushed the latter to launch … and France 2 also in stride. "And the choice of the title? "An inspiration from Takis Candilis (number 2 of the group)". .


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