The beta shows that Blizzard wants to correct its mistakes

Diablo IV is about to live the second phase of his beta; we were able to take a look at the game in his early accessso we will give you our impressions.

Here’s everything we saw in the limited time we tested the Diablo IV beta, and what you can expect now that it’s open to everyone.

From this moment we can tell you that the game looks impressive, with a manufacturing that demonstrates the commitment of Blizzard with his work.

Trying to fix several of the bugs that nearly killed the franchise in the Diablo III era.

Diablo IV (Blizzard)

What is the Diablo IV beta like?

The beta of Diablo IV it’s basically the beginning of the game, you can even watch the introductory cutscene, which lasts for a long time and introduces you to this world.

After this you can create your character and assign a class, in the early access from the Diablo IV beta, only Renegade, Sorcerer, and Barbarian were available.

For this second weekend, the Druid and the Necromancer will be added; which will give you a greater range of possibilities.

While we could only go as far as level 25, we did realize how extensive the skill tree is and how many hours it would take you to complete it to get the most out of it.

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Diablo IV (Blizzard)

In general, the title is played quite well, the action is fluid and each class is perfectly different from the other, both in their movements and unique abilities.

This to give greater importance to the joint strategy when you get to the multiplayer from Diablo IV; although we could not fully test that section.

But the times that we meet with allies, we perfectly noticed how each of the classes in active battle blended or hindered each other.

Something that veterans of the franchise will like is that the game is still just as challenging, because although some things have been simplified, your path will not be so easy if you do not master at least the basic mechanics.

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Diablo IV (Blizzard)

Performance and aesthetically speaking, Diablo IV looks pretty good at this point, with desolate environments that ironically look quite beautiful.

In addition to the fact that the game runs quite well, whether you play alone or with others; although in this section Blizzard It has something to improve and that is what we will touch on next.

What should Diablo IV improve?

Here you don’t have to look very far, the great problem of early access of Diablo IV it was their lousy support for the number of players who wanted to try the game.

You could find queues of up to half a day to enter Diablo IV, that greatly affected the experience of this already limited test.

It’s amazing that with all the years he has Blizzard in business, and that practically all their games have that online component, they still suffer from this type of problem.

The company needs to optimize all its servers if it wants to launch the game well, otherwise the wait will be marred by access problems.

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Diablo IV (Blizzard)

Another thing to pay attention to in Diablo IV is the bugs y glitchesbecause this beta still had some important ones.

For example, there were times when the game got stuck, although after a few seconds it started running again; Also sometimes the sound went away.

They are failures that are expected from a beta and that we assume, Blizzard took note of each of these for the final version of the game.

With three months ahead, the developer has enough time to make the corrections and fine-tune the servers.

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Diablo IV (Blizzard)

Well, if this Diablo IV beta made something clear to us, it is that it has all the potential to become the new classic of the franchise.

Diablo IV will be available in June 2023.