The Bière de Chartres in the special show of the reunion of Friends

TF1 broadcast, Thursday evening at 9 p.m., a special program on the iconic American series Friends, a month after its release in the US. In this talk-show-like program, the actors of the sitcom, which debuted in 1994, find themselves in the original setting of the series and immerse themselves in their memories.

A poster

It is therefore a David Schwimmer, particularly moved, who enters the studio at the start of this special, 17 years after the broadcast of the very last episode of the series. Before Ross’s interpreter is joined in the iconic living room by Phoebe, Rachel and the others, he walks around the decorated apartment. And it is at this moment that a poster advertising … the Bière de Chartres appears on a wall.

The production of this emblematic drink of the department had been abandoned in 1953 for economic reasons, but the design of this very popular lager was then sold on metal plates, mini-posters or reproductions available in France and even abroad. Since then, the traditional drink, served at the table, has been relaunched by Marie and Laurent Tribouillet in October 2019.

They put Chartres beer back in the spotlight

But if many Internet users shared their surprise Thursday evening on social networks, it is not an editing error or a fantasy of the producers of the show. Fans of the sitcom will not have forgotten, the famous server on a blue background was often part of the decor in which, in particular, Chandler, one of the six friends, was evolving.

Lea Trottier

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