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The big-bang of Paris buses in five figures

Saturday, the layout of Parisian bus lines will be modified, deleted lines and others created. The point on a large format redesign.

12 millions

This is the number of passengers who take public transport in the capital every day. Saturday, they will see the network of buses in Paris and Ile-de-France, which was largely dated 1950, to be largely modified. Ile-de-France Mobilités (formerly STIF), the RATP and the city of Paris undertook this vast project two years ago. "The aim is to bring buses closer to new areas of employment or life, to rebalance the offer towards the gates of Paris and the inner suburbs, which have more inhabitants than in the last century", can read on the site New Parisian bus network that presents the modification of the network interactively.


The reorganization affects 50 bus lines, ie two thirds of the network: 42 lines are modified, 3 are deleted (53, 65, 81) and 5 new ones are created. The deleted lines should be replaced by the extension of other lines: users of line 53 which went from Pont-de-Levallois to Opera can now use lines 20 (which is new) and 94 (which will be extended).

The five new lines will provide better connections between the suburbs, including the cities of Clamart, Joinville-le-Pont, Aubervilliers and Vitry-sur-Seine, and Paris intramural, and a better service to the nineteenthe and XXe boroughs. In kilometers traveled, the bus transport offer will increase by 15%. Another good news: most schedules should be extended in the evening, to finish around midnight, and no longer 21 hours or 22 hours.

Only 19 intramural bus lines will not see their route changed. All suburban bus routes also remain unchanged.


With the creation and modification of the bus lines, 278 new stopping points were installed in the capital and in the small crown (130 new bus shelters and 158 stanchions). The signs of some 4,000 bus stops and all metro, tram and RER stations connecting with a bus will be changed overnight by 5,000 RATP agents.


The project to overhaul the bus network has already cost 39.39 million euros (excluding taxes) «For commissioning costs (studies, recruitment of bus drivers, new signage, new plans …)» and "From 2020, the additional investment will amount to 39.2 million euros each year" in Ile-de-France Mobilities.


Such an investment reflects a desire for transformation over the long term. Ile-de-France Mobilites and RATP want to modernize their network and make it more efficient and more environmentally friendly, with 2025 as an objective: the RATP awarded a few days ago the biggest European call for tenders to order electric buses , with a potential of 800 buses. The group has set itself the goal of converting all their bus centers to electricity and biogas by 2025.

RATP has also recruited and trained 700 additional bus drivers to run the 350 lines in the Paris region, and it should continue to recruit in this area, a sign that the bus is an integral part of the company's strategy.

The new bus network foreshadows the arrival of the new metro lines and the Grand Paris Express, with which it will provide connections.

Matilde Meslin



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