The Big Bang Theory: This is how it continues after the break in season 11


What happens after ProSieben’s break in Season 11 of “The Big Bang Theory”? (c) CBS After today’s episode, ProSieben will take a break for the eleventh season of the popular sitcom The Big Bang Theory. Anyone who still wants to know how it goes with the shy physicists, finds out here in our preview. Not quite the middle of the season, but episode 14 lays ProSieben for now a small break in the broadcast of the new episodes of The Big Bang Theory on. When exactly the remaining ten episodes of the ongoing eleventh season appear, is currently still unclear. Reason enough for us, all the curious people who can not wait any longer to find out how it is with Sheldon ( Jim Parsons ), Penny ( Kaley Cuoco ) and Co continues to put together a small preview. But beware: There is the highest spoiler risk! What’s Up in Season 11 of The Big Bang Theory? ProSieben dismissed the spectators with the episode The Separation Triangulation (in German: ” The time zone clause “). In this the lonely astrophysicist Raj ( Kunal Nayyar ) finally know the woman for life – he thinks at least. But those of Beth Behrs ( 2 Broke girls ) Nell, who meets Raj at one of his lectures at the Planetarium, has just been married to her husband Oliver ( Walton Goggins ), which of course makes a new relationship difficult. In the end, Raj himself does his best to torpedo his chances with Nell. His dream of love bursts again, but Nell is not the only one love interest where he can try his luck this season … In the first new episode after the break, The Novelization Correlation (11×15), the at CBS Already on the 1st of February, Sheldon is dealing with a childhood dream and trauma. After the death of his idol Arthur Jeffries ( Bob Newhart ) is supposed to be Sheldon’s favorite show ” Professor Proton “Be revived with a new lead actor. Of course he considers himself the perfect candidate for succession, but in the end the role goes to his nemesis Wil Wheaton , And that’s not all: Wil also invites Howard Simon Helberg ), who after all was an astronaut on the ISS, was the first guest. By the way, Leonard ( Johnny Galecki ) Meanwhile, as a crime writer. In the following episode, The Neonatal Nomenclature (11×16), the birth of the second child of Bernadette ( Melissa smoke ) and Howard. This time, the Wolowitzes get a little son, but they can not agree on their name. Through the offspring also the other couples of the group, say Penny and Leonard and Amy ( Mayim Bialik ) and Sheldon, in discussions about being a parent. But if it is your turn first, the friends will not agree so easily. But at least Sheldon surprises with one or the other view on the subject. In The Athenaeum Allocation (11×17) is finally moving into the wedding plans of Amy and Sheldon. For example, in the episode they choose the locations for their festivities, but they end up with the hated colleague Kripke ( John Ross Bowie ) to each other. Meanwhile, Bernadette and Howard despair of the question of who should take over the parenting of both. Although they ignore a very obvious option at first completely. On page 2, you’ll learn more about the upcoming adventures of The Big Bang Theory nerds …


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