Kaley Cuoco finally back in the saddle
        Image: instagram.com/normancook/spot on news


                    "Thank you, Si Bella, for putting me back in the saddle today … Finally, it felt like part of me was missing." See the 11th season of "The Big Bang Theory" all the luck on earth is on horseback – this saying definitely applies to Kaley Cuoco (32, "The Big Bang Theory"). Because the actress could now after a long injury break finally pursue her favorite sideline: She was allowed to swing back into the saddle, as she visibly happily betrayed on Instagram. The photo shows her closely entwined with her horse Si Bella, whom the actress thanked in the post, that she could celebrate her comeback in the saddle with him. Ironically, shortly after her wedding to Karl Cook (27) in July, Cuoco had to undergo a shoulder surgery and fought back in the last few weeks back into shape.
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