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The big debate turns to overbidding on tax increases

"How can we make our tax system fairer and more efficient? Which taxes do you think should be lowered first? " It is through these questions that the head of state called the French on January 15 in his letter in which he launched the great debate. A month later, the report is blatant: almost no tax cuts were put on the table, let alone proposals for reducing public spending, which would logically be the corollary of a drop in taxation.

The month of January opened with a first controversy concerning the disappearance of the housing tax for the 20% of the wealthiest households. Announced by Emmanuel Macron, this measure has not yet been included in the law, unlike the exemption for 80% of households. The Minister of Economy and Finance, Bruno Le Maire, proposed to submit it to the debate, followed by his colleague in Bercy, Gérald Darmanin, before Emmanuel Macron said "stop". The head of state, during its first debate with local elected officials, confirmed a bill on local finances in the summer and the end of the term housing tax for the 20% most affluent.

A week later, it was the turn of tax loopholes. This time, it was Gérald Darmanin who lit the match. In an interview with the "Parisian", the Minister of Action and Public Accounts proposed to lower the ceiling to 10,000 euros. And to argue that by decreasing the niches of 1 billion, it would be possible to finance a lower income tax for the middle classes. The Elysee quickly rejected this proposal, considered "A ministerial contribution" who will not "Not necessarily restrained".

Return of the ISF

At the same time, the many local debates have addressed the question of the return of the wealth tax, which absolutely does not want the executive. Estate taxes were put on the agenda by the Terra Nova think tank, which proposed a rebate for larger transmissions. As for the LREM deputies, they asked the question of the upper bracket of the income tax to make the scale more progressive.

Finally, the only proposal for a tax cut revolved around zero VAT on basic necessities. But it is almost impossible to implement because the VAT rates are framed by a European directive since the 1990s.

This bidding peak culminated on Wednesday with the publication of a panel of 86 MPs in favor of a recovery of the carbon tax. "It is probably not by a rise in taxation that we will respond to the anger that has been expressed", reacted Emmanuel Macron, a few hours later in the Council of Ministers, as if to whistle the end of the game. Until the next sequence.

Ingrid Feuerstein


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