The big jackpot in the lottery remained, with 10 million already №1 in history

Those who want to win big money with the help of the Bulgarian Sports Tote get a new chance.

If someone has forgotten to release their slip (or slips) for the past 23rd draw, they will be able to do so for the upcoming draw in the game “6 of 49” on Sunday.

Once again, the big jackpot in the game that made the most people millionaires remained. The accumulated amount for yesterday was BGN 9,695,045. However, no one hit a six, and the combination of drawn numbers was 5, 6, 7, 10, 22, 42.

This jackpot is already №1 in the history of the lottery.

The largest in “6 of 49” until today’s draw was BGN 9,501,430.40 from 2019. Then, however, the amount was divided by four participants with the right combinations in the slips, who took equal profits of 2,375,357.60 BGN

In the symbolic ranking by the size of the jackpots follows the one of BGN 9,472,606.40, which accumulated in 2012. It was shared by two people who hit a six, and their profit was BGN 4,736,303.20.

The largest single profit in “6 of 49” was BGN 8,431,125 from a circulation of №10 last year. The jackpot was won with a slip for BGN 5.60, placed in a store of a large retail chain in Plovdiv. In 2017, the six brought BGN 7,940,616.60, and three years earlier one participant won BGN 7,258,184.90 from the №65 draw of the game.

For the first time in “6 of 49” jackpot accumulation in the first winning group was introduced in 1991.