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The big reunion … Our recap 'of the first episode of season 8

Daenerys (Emilia Clarke) manages to free the slaves of Yunkaï in "Game of Thrones". – HBO

  • Game Of Thrones made his comeback in France in the night from Sunday to Monday on the OCS platform.
  • After two years of absence, we found all our heroes where the creators of the show HBO had left at the end of season 7.
  • Our recap 'with ALL spoilers.

Obviously, a transition episode. Game Of Thrones has made a big comeback on the platform OCS in France in the night from Sunday to Monday, at 3 o'clock in the morning, diffusion in the United States obliges. We found
Daenerys, Jon, Arya, Sansa, Bran, Cersei, Tyrion and Jaime where the creators of the HBO show left them at the end of season 7. Our recap 'of this highly anticipated episode.



The big reunion in Winterfell

After a brand new generic, particularly successful, the first episode of the season opens on a boy who observes the arrival of the monarch from a tree, evoking Bran in the first episode of season 1. Not surprisingly, Daenerys and Jon the two dragons and their impressive army land at Winterfell. At their side, Gendry, "the bastard of Robert Baratheon", the blacksmith who rowed four seasons before making his return in season 7, Tyrion, Varys, Ver Gray and Missandei.

It's time for the first reunion first between Jon and Bran in "you're a man" mode, then between Sansa and Jon. Then place the presentations between Lady Stark and the Queen. As expected, it's obviously not the crazy love between these two strong women. But this is not the time for internal quarrels, Bran reminding everyone that the wall has fallen and the white walkers are "coming".

Big cold in Winterfell

Then place at the assembly which gathers all the vassals of the house Stark. Unsurprisingly, Lyanna Mormont settles his account with Jon Snow: "You have gone as a king, you have come back, what, as a lord? ". Jon Snow does not have too much mojo during his speech and Tyrion comes to his rescue reminding that the king of the North brought back two dragons and a great army: "We must fight together or die. When Winterfell's lady asks Daenerys what the dragons are eating, the Dragon's Mother retorts, not without biting, "What they want." For the good atmosphere, we will go back.

Tyrion and Sansa, who had not seen each other since the wedding of Joffrey Baratheon (episode 2 of season 4), are also found. "Many have underestimated you, and many of them have died," says Tyrion. "Me, who admired your intelligence," Sansa answers, then mocking the Queen's Hand who thinks that Cersei is going to help them in the North. Then comes the meeting between Jon and Arya, in front of the tree at the foot of which Ned Stark liked to collect himself. Jon Snow hopes to convince his sister to help connect Sansa and Daenerys. "I do not know more about her," says Arya about her older sister. I defend our family. " " Me too. I'm from his family too, "Jon replies. "Do not forget it," Arya concludes. Nothing is won.

First conspiracies in Port-Royal

We also find Queen Cersei in Port-Royal, the Great Sparrow has become his hand. They contemplate the Fer-born fleet. On one of the ships are Euron and Captain Harry Strickland, exiled knight and general of the Golden Company. In the cabin, there is a virulent exchange between Yara and his uncle, who has only one idea in mind: "Kiss the Queen" Cersei. (sic)

The following shot shows Cersei receiving Euron and Captain Harry Strickland in the throne room. The two men come to present him his army: 20,000 men, 2,000 horses and Fer-born fleet. Euron hopes that it will allow him to get the favors of the queen … He takes a rake first: "You want a whore or a queen. »Definitely, Cersei has the sense of the punchline. She goes back to his apartments, turns around and gives him a look that should be forbidden to under 18s. Yes, Euron, as expected, will finally catch Cersei.

We find Bron brothel. His orgy is interrupted by the Grand Sparrow, sent by Cersei to ask Bron to go to the North and kill his brothers, if by misfortune, they do not get bumped by the White Walkers.

Meanwhile, in the private apartments of the Queen, Cersei takes stock of the qualities of her new lover, who is not "boring". "You're the most arrogant man I've ever met, I like it," she says. Euron on his side has a new goal: after "kissing the queen", he wants to engrosser. As with Robert Baratheon, Cersei will pass the child she designed with her brother to that of Euron. Why change a tactic that works? Taking advantage of Euron bouncing with Cersei, Theon Greyjoy saves his sister Yara. Packed, it's weighed.

For a flirt in Winterfell

In Winterfell, Varys, Tyrion and Ser Davos find Daenerys and Jon a nice couple. The two lovebirds take the lead about Sansa before flying on the dragons. Once again, a scene eagerly awaited by the fans … alas, bad luck on the side of the special effects. Too many green screens kill the green screen. The young couple lands near a waterfall and Daenerys hopes that Jon will keep "hot" to his queen. We laugh at the disapproving look of the dragon at Jon, who still has not noticed that he was beating his aunt.

Gendry receives the visit of Sandor Clegane, said the Limier, come to recover the essential accessory to any character wishing to survive this season 8, a ventrragon ax. The two men then find Arya, come to be forged a spear in Vergragon. One feels that the theory of flirtation between Arya and Gendry is quite plausible.

Jon Snow becomes Aegon Targaryen

The tone is less light between Sansa and Jon, who are still struggling about Daenerys. Sansa, who has become really clever, asks him if he has pledged allegiance to the Targaryen heiress to save the North or out of love. Daenerys and Ser Joras visit Samwell Tarly. The Mother of the Dragons wants to thank him for saving his friend … The sequence becomes very embarrassing when she tells him that she executed his father Randyll Tarly and his brother Dickon Traly, after their refusal to give him allegiance.

Samwell Tarly finds Bran. The latter asks him to tell Jon everything. And here's THE sequence that all the fans were waiting for: as expected, in the Stark crypt, in front of the statue of Lyanna, Jon learns that he is Aegon Targaryen, the legitimate king of the seven kingdoms. Will this revelation end the beautiful alliance of the end of Season 7?

For his part, Tormund is alive and crosses, with Beric Dandarion, what is left of the night guard. Together, they discover a strange message from the king of the night: the body of little Ned Umber [décidément, il ne fait pas bon s’appeler Ned] in the middle of a spiral … with arms and legs scattered like a puzzle. This symbol represents the alliance between the first men and the children of the forest.

The episode concludes with a last nod to the first episode of Season 1 with the arrival of Jaime Winterfell and look, overwhelming, launched by Bran. The loop is complete, everyone is gathered.

In short, this first episode of season 8 begins a halftone return, sewn with white thread, served by weak dialogues and disappointing special effects. As usual with Game Of Thrones, we look forward to getting into the action.




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