"The Bigger" is optimistic about the stock market

"The Bigger" is optimistic about the stock market

34 million dinars worth of transactions on the shares of 39 companies
21 purchases and 8 transactions to boost the ownership of adult property
Al-Khair shares sold in «Ships» Sales increased to acquire 62% of trading
Sherif Hamdy

Kuwaiti investors have been optimistic about the stock market for the past few months as they upgraded to the FTSE Emerging Markets Index at the end of last March, which will attract foreign investment estimated at about $ 1 billion in the coming period, according to Hermes research estimates.
And enhanced the situation of optimism among dealers in the stock market, including senior owners, the application of the second phase of market development.
The Kuwaiti news agency indicated in a previous report that foreign institutions recorded the largest flows on the Kuwaiti stock market in 4 In March, and the value of these flows was $ 116 million during the first quarter of this year.
This coincided with the construction of senior owners of investment centers in the first quarter of this year, the rise in the price index of the stock exchange, which was canceled by 3.5% during that period.
Purchasing Control
In this context, the owners of the companies listed on the Kuwait Stock Exchange (owners of more than 5%) were successful in buying during the first quarter of this year, despite the acquisition of 62% of the total value as a result of the departure of Al-Khair Group of its shares in the company Ships during January.
According to Al-Anbaa, which relies on its economic research unit and stock exchange disclosures for the changes in the list of senior owners during the first three months of 2018,
* The total value of the operations, which varied between buying and selling about 34 million dinars.
* Senior shareholders have moved to boost their stake through 21 purchases on 16 companies worth KD 12.8 million, representing about 38% of the total.
* The stock market witnessed 13 sales of the largest owners of shares in 8 companies, worth 21 million dinars, which constitute 62% of the total.
Entry processes
During the first quarter of 2018, 7 companies were entered through 8 operations, and the ownership of the adults was more than 5%.
Maui Holding Company acquired 29.5% stake in Al-Khair Group. Al-Mawazi General Trading and Contracting Company (Mawasi) had a 13.8% stake in Al-Khayyat. Al-Ahli Bank of Kuwait acquired 9.8% One of the most important changes in ownership was also the increase in the share of Mubarak Hamed Abdullah Al-Muslim in Al-Mal shares to reach 11%.
Exit and change ownership
The first quarter witnessed the exit of 5 companies through 8 operations, and the ownership of adults was less than 5%, most notably the exit of
Mohammed Saleh Al-Humaidi, and the Kuwaiti-European Holding Company and its group
(The integrated financial services company), from Agwan, with Dirar Al Humaidi 10.6%, Kuwait European 8%, and the National Investment Fund of the Ship Company, which was 5.5% before the exit.
The first quarter period also saw the 15 process of change in ownership directly to the indirect, direct, indirect and vice versa during the mentioned period, these operations were on the shares of 12 companies are National Bank, cables, educational, RIM, Real Estate, Ajwan, Human Soft, drug, united , progress, Eva, in addition to Kut.

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