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The biggest action movie opens scenes in history

Directed by Edgar Wright, Hot Fuzz works on many levels. It's a brilliant comedy, a Slasher movie, a Rom-Com and a fantastic satire of Michael Bay action movies. But while it makes fun Point break and Bad boys IIIt's also a solid action movie that, in the delights of Badass, wakes 360 shots and images of guys flying through their hair, glocks in each hand.

Sgt. Nicholas Angel, on the other hand, absolutely hates this action-movie folly.

Played to perfection by Simon Pegg, Nicholas Angel has no time for fun and games. The man is about getting the bad guys in the right way. When we see Angel for the first time, he walks straight to the camera. General purpose and no nonsense. His rocky expression blends in perfectly with the photo on his ID, and as Martin Freeman's story begins, we discover that Angel is the world's greatest policeman.

In a rapid montage, we watch Angel attract rioters, kill drug dealers, and survive an unwelcome gift from Santa Claus (Peter Jackson). We learn that he is an expert on everything from cycling and judo to the 100-meter run. And if he does not beat his teammates in chess and fencing, he shames them on the street by setting the highest arrest record for an officer in London. He is brilliant in the classroom and loved by the community, and by all that, he never smiles. He's the perfect cop, and the whole opening montage is a fantastic set-up seconds later, when Angel is kicked out of power also Perfect.


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