The biggest battery killers on your phone. Programs that drain your smartphone’s battery very quickly

The mobile device market is growing incredibly fast. Hundreds of new models are produced each year that are larger and their batteries are much larger. Often, however, we are not able to feel this improvement because we use tons of applications and programs every day that drain our phone’s energy in an instant. See which of them reduce the phone’s working time the most.


With the development of modern technologies, mobile phones fulfill more and more various functions. In the past, they were used only for phone calls and sending short SMS messages. With time, simple games, MMS image sending technology and less complicated applications than today appeared on them.

After switching to touch screens, smartphones turned into almost full-fledged computers, able to play movies, browse the Internet and write long documents. Currently, hardly anyone owns at least one mobile device.

This progressive technological revolution also requires more and more electricity consumption, and therefore larger, more efficient batteries built into smartphones and tablets. Despite the fact that these are more and more capacious, they have an increasingly shorter service life. This is because we use more and more applications to squeeze the last juices out of the equipment.

Due to the increasing energy consumption, external batteries called powerbanks are becoming more and more popular. However, they are large, heavy, and not very comfortable to use. They help to increase battery life, but they are a temporary solution and not very convenient. A much better idea is to realize why our phone discharges so quickly, i.e. identify applications that we may not use too often, but those running in the background contribute to the smartphone’s energy drain.

Programs installed on our device can consume energy even when we do not use them completely. It is therefore worth removing from the phone those that are completely unnecessary and significantly reduce the valuable battery life.

See which applications are using the most energy of your phone. We invite!

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