"The Biggest Loser" -Christos: That's what his dream wife should be!

"The Biggest Loser" -Christos: That's what his dream wife should be!

He is still available! The Biggest Loser -Candidate Christos Christodoulou is a completely new person. From his starting weight of 179.4 kilos meanwhile not much is left. He optically halved, on the scales are only 129.4 kilos. After the customer success and the restyling should it at Christos finally work with love: He is standing on this type of woman! In an interview with image The creator reveals his preferences in the opposite sex: “I think that my dream girl should not really care about the outside, it’s clear that you have a crush on the look, but inside you fall in love with a person.” But the 23-year-old still respects external aspects: a bright smile and beautiful teeth. Besides these features is Christos Trust is especially important. “She should love me as I am, love to take and give,” he wishes of his future girlfriend. In terms of relationship is his show colleague Benny clearly further. He is totally happy with his friend, whom he met through a dating app. in the Celebrity Flash Interview told the amateur dancer, it was love at first glance been. Do you think Christos will find happiness soon? Vote! As it continues with “The Biggest Loser”, you will learn on Sunday from 17:45 clock on Sat.1. SAT.1 / Benedict Müller The Biggest Loser candidate Christos Christodoulou display SAT.1 / Daniel Waschnig “The Biggest Loser” contestant Christos after the makeover display SAT.1 / Daniel Waschnig Benny, “The Biggest Loser” candidate display Vote show result Tips for Promiflash? Just e-mail to: tipps@promiflash.de

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