The biggest Super Bowl halftime shows – where does The Weeknd fit in?

Even if many fans had hoped for more from the Kansas City Chiefs around Patrick Mahomes, the final was convincing. This was not least due to The Weeknd’s impressive halftime show. In addition to the actual game, the performance in the half-time break is part of the eagerly awaited supporting program year after year. We take a look back at the best shows and see where The Weeknd comes in.

Katy Perry has a colorful party

It has probably never been as colorful as the Super Bowl XLIX halftime show – the celebrations were not just at home, but also in the arena. Pop star Katy Perry rode a giant lion to her super hit “Roar” in the arena and then put on a show of superlatives. With Lenny Kravitz and Missy Eliott as sidekicks as well as lots of dancing palms and sharks, Perry celebrated a huge party to hits like “I kissed a girl” or “Teenage Dream”. At the end of her show, she flew through the entire arena to “Firework” on a star. To this day, her appearance is considered one of the most legendary Super Bowl halftime shows. Football was also played, by the way – the New England Patriots triumphed over superstar Tom Brady in an extremely exciting game over the Seattle Seahawks.

Lady Gaga and a sea of ​​drones

It was Lady Gaga’s turn at the 2017 Super Bowl. Just a few weeks after Donald Trump was elected, she began her appearance on the roof of the stadium in a sea of ​​drones with the Woody Guthrie classic “This Land is Your Land”. With a jump into the arena, she then opened her breathtaking show to the super hit “Pokerface”. Lady Gaga wouldn’t be Lady Gaga if she hadn’t changed her outfit several times during the 13-minute performance. With “Born this Way” she continues her political statement. During the grand finale of “Bad Romance”, Gaga then merged with her dancers. Quite a few see Lady Gaga’s show at least on par with Katy Perry’s two years earlier. Tom Brady won his 5th Super Bowl with the Patriots against the Falcons. He is now at seven titles. And in the coming year, his Buccaneers are already one of the favorites for betting tips with odds of 9.00. Only the Kansas City Chiefs are ahead of them. Can Brady repeat the triumph all over again?

Coldplay meets Beyonce and Bruno Mars

There should be a very special show for the 50th anniversary of the Super Bowl. As the main act, those responsible hired the British pop band Coldplay, which had a few stadium-compatible anthems in their program with songs like “Yellow” and “Viva La Vida”. Nevertheless, the two guest stars Bruno Mars and Beyonce took over the helm. Mars definitely brought the arena to a boil with “Uptwon Funk”. While the two soul stars fought an unparalleled dance battle, Coldplay’s Chris Martin could only watch. Ultimately, the two guests stole the show from the supposed “main act” – but the Super Bowl hasn’t had that much soul for a long time.

The Weeknd on the road across the stadium

The Weeknd landed for the hit of 2020 with his song “Blinding Lights”. Accordingly, he was considered a perfect cast for the upcoming Super Bowl. It was already known in advance that the musician would finance the show with around seven million dollars out of pocket. Accompanied by a choir, he started his visually extremely appealing show with “Starboy” which went straight to the hit “The Hills”. On “Can’t Feel My Face” he got lost with his masked dancers in a kind of mirror cabinet, which was to be found food for the Internet community. The memes were definitely not long in coming. The show naturally reached its climax with the super hit “Blinding Lights”. Together with hundreds of dancers, The Weeknd created a choreography that was reminiscent of Michael Jackson. Even if The Weeknd did without guest stars, his show will be remembered.

It is not yet clear who will perform in the halftime show next year. Of course, some acts are mentioned again. Drake could become the second consecutive Canadian to take over the halftime show after The Weeknd. But Rihanna and Alicia Keys are also mentioned again and again when it comes to the performance at the Super Bowl. Pop star Ariana Grande can also be imagined by many as a worthy successor to Katy Perry, Lady Gaga and Co.


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